Why narcissists get away with everything and create the impression of being good people?

Narcissists are everywhere around us.

They have their ways to spread their negative energy into our lives, and often there is nothing we can do about it. These self-centered people can effortlessly manipulate and mislead the others around them. And they make it so shady it’s almost completely unnoticeable.

The egocentric nature of those individuals makes them maintain many deceitful faces. They know exactly how to make everyone like them and follow their lead for as long as they want. Plus, they often have one specific target – the most compassionate and gullible person of the group.

Why do they always aim for the most empathetic and compassionate ones?

The truth is narcissists are envious of anyone better than themselves.

They get jealous of people with high levels of integrity and empathy because they have none of it inside their souls. That’s why the self-centered mind of a narcissist makes them want to dim everyone’s light as soon as possible, so their star can shine brighter than anyone else’s.

Unfortunately, when the victim sees the true colors of their abuser, it is usually too late. They get too deep captivated into their fraudulent webs. This is what happens when a narcissist succeeds in manipulating and emotionally abusing their target.

How the heck does a narcissist get away with everything so easily and eventually comes out as a good person?

First of all, have in mind that narcissists are masters at creating an attractive and charismatic persona for themselves to fool others. In public, they are a totally different person than they actually are. These egoistic creatures know how to provoke severe emotional reactions. Oftentimes, they are the ones who appear to be the victim instead of the abuser.

The first time a narcissist meets someone, they classify them as either a threat or an easy victim they can take advantage of. In case the new person doesn’t fall under any of these categories, the manipulator simply doesn’t bother. However, if they do fall under one of the defined sections, the narcissist will surely approach them. He or she will first charm and adore their new toy, only to make them vulnerable enough so they can easily fall for the vicious mind games that follow.

The next stage of their strategy is keeping their victim off balance. This way they make them doubt themselves and wonder if they are good enough and worthy of love. By fabricating this manipulative labyrinth, the narcissist makes sure they are the only winner in the mind games they play.

Do you wonder why it is so difficult to deal with such a manipulative being?

Have you heard of the halo effect? This is when a person has some kind of energy around them that makes them seem appealing, positive, and good in general. In real life, it’s often perceived as being charismatic. That’s something that narcissists definitely know how to achieve. They are perfectly aware of how to fool others into thinking they are genuine and trustworthy.

Every narcissist chooses their victim very carefully.

Moreover, they make sure they target a person who hasn’t had the chance to get to truly know their nature. The second a self-centered individual feels like they are about to be exposed, they quickly direct all of their energy into blaming the victim of all the troubles they personally caused.

Unfortunately, when someone treats us badly, most of us try their best to see the good in the situation and to show empathy for the abuser. We try to convince ourselves that deep down they didn’t mean to hurt our feelings. That’s exactly why this madness continues. Narcissists are aware of the empathetic nature of their targets. That’s why they succeed in getting whatever they want.

We need to wake up from this delusion, and we need to do it right now. Otherwise, these manipulative creatures will continue hurting us and making our lives miserable.

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