Stop giving your love to people who don’t deserve it. Give it to someone who chooses you every day

Isn’t it bizarre how we think that we fully understand we should never settle for anything less than we deserve, yet we always do?

Even though we repeatedly say to ourselves that we need to wait for the one who’s going to love us truly and unconditionally, we settle for people who are far from genuine in their feelings.

Sure, at first, they did seem perfect. They showered you with compliments, they made you smile, they gave you the attention you needed. But at some point, all of the sweetness faded away, and they showed you their true nature. Unfortunately, it was way too different from what you expected. Yet, you still stayed. You chose to settle, hoping their sweet side is still hiding somewhere there.

But the sad truth is, as you stay with someone who doesn’t bring any value to your life, you are blocking the way for the one who will. Moreover, you’re wasting significant time and energy that you could be spending with someone who will actually be worth it.

When you take your time to reevaluate your past choices, do you think they match your aspirations? Did you do what you promised yourself to do? Are you on the path you wished to be on by now? Is your relationship contributing to your personal growth, or is it halting it?

Once the butterflies fly away, and the honeymoon period ends, you are finally able to see the true colors of your significant other.

If your partner is stopping you from following your dreams instead of supporting you, their love is probably not entirely pure. If they are ignoring your feelings and act considerately only when they need something, their intentions may not be as truthful as you think. And if as you reevaluate your relationship you realize your bond is not as genuine and stable as you thought it was, you should definitely do something about it.

Remember this: You are one decision away from a totally different life. It is up to you whether this decision is going to be to stay where you are and settle for less or to take some action and start your personal journey to finding true love.

As cliche as it may be, you are truly the master of your own fate. You and only you get to choose the path you want to take.

So, please, stop giving yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve you. Stop devoting all of your energy to a person who couldn’t care less about your feelings. Stop hurting yourself by settling for so much less than you truly deserve.

Instead, step out of your comfort zone and stand up for yourself.

Remind yourself you need to be with someone who chooses you every single day.

You deserve to be loved with the same passion, devotion, and acceptance you love. Your soul is meant for someone who would open their heart and give you all of them. It’s meant for someone who would accept and appreciate you with all of your little flaws and imperfections. Anything less is just not worth it.

Another cliche that fits perfectly in such a prevailing situation is that life is short. It is too short for spending it with someone who doesn’t even make you happy. It is too short for wasting it on love based on conditions, ignorance, and lies. And it is definitely too short for not being with the one who makes your soul shine and brings out the best in you.

It is entirely up to you to whom you’ll give your love and devote your life to. But life truly is short. So, please, make this decision count.

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