Love Doesn’t Come Easy When You Refuse To Settle For Less Than You Deserve

What is the reason so many intelligent and kind single people are struggling to find someone to share their life with?

Could it be because they have their standards raised too high?

In reality, these people have been brought up with a strong belief in true love.

Since childhood, they have been taught to never rest until they found their true soulmate. To never settle for anything less than close to flawless love. To never give in to another person’s demands for them to change. To always be themselves no matter how much someone may dislike them for it.

And most importantly, they have learned the importance of self-love and acceptance.

They have learned to value and love themselves. To never let others drag them down and fight for what they stand for. They have been taught that real happiness lies within themselves. And that no force in this world can make them happy unless they are happy with themselves.

And thanks to all this, they have risen above the rest and have become independent human beings filled with confidence.

They are the ones who never give up on chasing their dreams. They never settle for less than they truly deserve. And they would keep searching for heavenly love even if the skies start to crumble.

Sadly, things in life are not always as easy as they might appear. And that is one of the reasons why such people often have a difficult time finding a person to share their life with.

Some people are pushed back by the strength they emit and their rebellious spirit while others are just not ready to join in their adventure. Some say they are too capricious while others cannot offer as much as they can in a relationship. Some mistake them with being disinterested in relationships or that they are simply alright with being alone, so they don’t even bother to start anything with them.

In other cases, even they make the error of falling for the wrong person.

Furthermore, considering how socially isolated people are becoming in today’s ever-changing world, they don’t have it easy when it comes to finding love. 

And because they refuse to settle for anything less than what they believe they deserve, they are often extremely limited in their options. So much so that they end up alone for a long period of time and eventually start losing hope.

All that being said, there is nothing wrong with that person. There is no shame in valuing yourself and your independence. Actually, that is something you should be proud of.

Do not despair, your patience will eventually pay off and you too will find true love and meaning in your life.

There is someone out there, destined for you. Someone who will, at some point, bump into you and will build the life you always craved for with you.

Love will find its way to you, and it will be magical.

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