Sometimes even the strongest people get exhausted of being strong and need to recharge

To be a strong and genuine person means you need to take care of every little thing in your life by yourself.

Besides, it’s in your kind-hearted nature to take care of everyone else around you too. All of this burden, all of these responsibilities can be extremely overwhelming. Even the strongest people can get tired of being strong.

Just because you have a resilient mind and an empathetic soul, doesn’t mean you don’t get exhausted from always being the strong one.

Even the mightiest heroes get tired of saving everyone else, while there is no one willing to save them.

It can be awfully demanding to be the sole person that everyone counts on. What’s worse, often you can’t even rely on anyone else but yourself because no one is trustworthy enough. How can you stay completely sane and fair-minded, when you are the one who is always there for others, but there is no one there for you?

The strong ones also need someone to have their back.

They also need affection, compassion, and love. They might be confident and reliable, but they are not made of stone. There is a beating heart in their chest that feels and hurts, just like anyone else. And this heart of theirs also needs to be loved. It needs someone to take care of it as if it was their own.

In reality, even the most self-aware fearless people might fall apart. And when this happens, it means they have had enough. It means that they have finally wasted the very last bit of their energy, and they can’t help it but break down. They have completely lost touch with themselves, and this drives them insane. Being the strong one for too long makes them forget to take care of themselves. And now, they are too tired and overwhelmed to even try.

After all, everyone needs a break. Even the strongest ones. They might even need it more than anyone else. Being always in the role of the one that everyone asks for help and counts on, requires the waste of a lot of valuable energy. That’s why slowing down and recharging their batteries is crucial for these strong-willed, complex-minded people. When you give everything you have for someone else’s wellbeing, you need to take time to revive your own.

No one is born strong. You learn this the hard way, going through many difficult obstacles, and numerous life lessons.

These challenges make you resilient and ready for anything life brings you. Nothing can surprise you anymore, especially not people. But this doesn’t happen overnight. It may take years to master this emotional strength. But because you make it seem so easy, everyone believes you aren’t capable of having breakdowns.

The truth is, you are only human. You fall, you collapse, your heart breaks, your energy fades. But every time you rise again, stronger than ever. And every time you gracefully move on to the next challenge life holds for you.

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