‘I’ll be there for you.’ Sometimes even the Strongest people need to hear these words.

You are the strong one.

The one who always takes care of everyone else. But is there someone who would take care of you if you need it?

People think there is nothing that can hurt you or make you insecure and vulnerable. That’s because you were always the strong one. Whenever someone needs advice or a shoulder to cry on, they always choose you. For the others around you, you are in great control of your emotions, and nothing can touch you.

In reality, you feel like the titan Atlas, holding up the whole world on your shoulders.

But you can’t show weakness, now that everyone depends on you to be the strong one.

They expect you to take every obstacle on your way as if it’s nothing and move on like you always do.

All you do is give. Meanwhile, all you need is someone who would do that for you.

No one ever really thinks about how you’re feeling because they know, whatever happens, you’re going to be okay. Sometimes people forget that you have feelings and emotions too. That you carry a heart within you. And this good heart of yours is now tired of giving, without receiving anything in return. It has been torn into million pieces to help others fix their own hearts. Now it’s desperate for someone to take care of it while it’s healing.

Your heart deserves unconditional love. And yet, you still struggle to find it. Even though you are the tough one, the one who always has the right answers, and knows how to deal with any situation, you suffer. You are hurting, and no one sees it.

Nobody knows what made you so strong, and what you are going through to remain calm in the fire that’s burning in your soul.

Who saves the savior?

As you suffer in silence, nobody notices how much pain lies deep in your eyes. Yet, you ache hoping someone will see this pain and help you go through it. You need to receive the love you give. You need to hear from someone else that soon everything will be okay.

That’s the curse of the strong ones. No one truly knows the struggle you’re going through. Others have no idea how exhausted and alone you feel sometimes. When you realize that no one will come to rescue your soul, you suck it up and lift it by yourself. Like you always do.

After all, you’ve done it many times before. You know the feeling of having no one to take care of you pretty damn well by now. Once more, you try to convince yourself that you don’t need anyone else to save you.

You are strong enough to do it by yourself.

But the truth is, you are in desperate need of a savior. And that’s perfectly fine. You shouldn’t be afraid to admit it. No matter how tough you believe you are, you are only human. Your heart is not made of steel. Sometimes even the strongest people need someone to help them get back on their feet and calm their minds.

You are not bulletproof, you also have feelings. And those feelings get hurt too. You are amazing for giving so much of yourself to others, but your soul is already tired. It desperately needs to take a break from all the burden that being the strong one is.

Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability. Remind yourself that after all, you are only human. Stop giving your energy away for people who don’t deserve it. Instead, invest it in your own wellbeing. You can’t save everyone, but you can still save yourself.

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