17 Unbelievable Characteristics of Empathetic People

The word “empath” is thrown around a lot lately: it seems like everyone is getting in on the trend. Almost everyone knows or is one (or perhaps is trying to be). What characteristics define a truly empathetic person?

Beyond just a person who is able to empathize easily with other people, empathetic people share 17 characteristics unique to their specific empathetic capacity.

Here’s the list:

1. Empathetic people have a deep inner strength.

They have learned that whatever happens in life happens, and they move on accordingly. They may not seem strong on the outside, and can even appear flaky or superficial, but that’s merely hiding their deeply-rooted inner strength.

2. They are always on the lookout for the truth.

They are people who are 100% honest, so they expect 100% honesty from others.

3. They have hearts of gold.

Empathetic people care dearly and deeply for those close to them and will do virtually anything to help them. They sometimes care too much about others.

4. Selfish or fake people drain them.

They cannot stand being around people who are fake or selfish; doing so exhausts them. Their unique nature clashes with those who are selfish or fake, and they become easily anxious and upset.

5. They understand how people truly feel.

They can easily assess a situation in which someone is upset or hurt and they offer to help offset the trauma however they are able to.

6. They know when people are lying.

They can easily understand people at a very deep level and tell whether the intentions they speak are true or not. This can lead to disappointment and frustration for them as when people are lying or behaving deceptively, empathetic people innately know.

7. They feel lousy in crowded places, and will often avoid them.

Empathetic people feel all of the various energies and emotions around them. Crowded places, therefore, are an empath’s nightmare. Unable to absorb everything that’s going on around them, they very easily become anxious and overwhelmed.

8. They really can’t handle negativity.

Negativity emotionally drains them and if they are stuck with a person who is often negative they will cut that person out of their life.

9. They are sensitive to various energies.

Empaths are sensitive to energies around them that are both known and unknown to them. They, therefore, will sometimes feel uneasy or unwell and not realize why until the source of a specific negative energy is no longer there.

10. They have very strong and extremely accurate intuition.

The gut feeling most of us have is often stronger and more accurate in empaths.

11. Empaths tend to be very creative.

An empathetic mind is one that works constantly, shifting between different projects and ideas as necessary. This makes them extremely creative and innovative human beings.

12. Empathetic people do not tolerate pain well.

Because they take everything to heart, they are easily hurt by the smallest thing. Their emotions run very high and they are not well-insulated again pain.

13. They simply don’t slow down.

For empathetic people, time is always going by too quickly, they are often overly involved in projects and ideas and they rush constantly between things. They should be careful of this, however, as it contrasts their generally introverted nature.

14. They are either hated or loved, with no real feelings of neutrality.

Empaths want to help others; if the other person is receptive to help they will love them. If not, they will see the empath as a nuisance and try to get away from them.

15. They like to focus on each thing at a time.

Empaths are not multi-taskers and if they are asked to be, they will probably do a poor job.

16. Empaths are very good listeners.

Listening helps them discern what is going on inside you and offer advice accordingly.

17…and as a result, they are taken advantage of by others.

Other people dump problems on them and feel better just walking away from the problems. The empath, however, cannot easily shed these problems and have to work to process them. Empaths have very hard time saying no and that often leads them to these kinds of dilemmas.

Do you feel like these characteristics apply to you? Perhaps to someone you know? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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