6 Tips That Increase Mental Strength

6 Tips That Increase Mental Strength

Do you crumble under pressure, or do you see yourself as mentally tough?

Can you maintain focus and persistence in pursuit of your goals?  Do you come through adverse events more clear and resilient?  Psychologists report that each of us can gain from improving our mental strength, regardless of where we are on the coping spectrum.

Here are 6 proven practices for each of us.

Be Intentional

Hold an unwavering belief in yourself, your unique assets, and your ability to accomplish goals.  Strong intention keeps you focused on the task at hand,  and buffers emotional and physical setbacks. Intention is marked by an insatiable drive to succeed.

Practice Consistent Self-Care

Mental resilience and high function are contingent on, not separate from,  our physical and emotional well being. Respect the harmony of interconnections with healthy nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Daily meditation can equip you with emotional relief and stability, a form of balance that enables wearing life like a loose garment.

Think Like an Optimist

Analyze your beliefs around failure. Accept that failure is temporary, inevitable, and changeable.  WD-40, a best selling mechanic lubricant, is so named due to 39 previous attempts to get it right.  Thomas Edison found hundreds of ways NOT to invent a light bulb, until he found one way that worked.  What if everything has value?

Avoid Catastrophic Thinking

Eliminate the words “never” and”always” from your vocabulary.  Avoid general, stereotypical, or demeaning statements and opinions of others.  Practice curiosity, instead of judgement.  Look for a positive spin to assign to life’s uncertainties and disappointments.

Practice Gratitude and Generosity

When you expand your understanding of others, and put teeth into the practice of compassion, your own mental health is enhanced. Focus is sharpened while depression and aggression are kept at bay.

Be Authentic

Above all else, know who you are, and stand in your truth.  Living any form of a lie saps strength and clarity. Know and respect your limits.  Wonder where you stand?  Scroll down here for a  quick self test and gauge your own mental strength.

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