Some Of The Strongest Women Have Been Raised By Bad Fathers

The daughters of absent, toxic, and abusive fathers become strong, self-sufficient women.

Every child deserves to feel loved and cared for. Growing up without a present or loving father can be heartbreaking, painful, and difficult. Stephanie Reeds, a writer for Curious Mind Magazine, explains that the strongest women are those who have been raised by bad fathers. Reeds gives several reasons why the daughters of abusive parents grow up to be so strong:

1. They learn to take care of themselves

Without having a caring father to rely on, these girls learn that they can only rely on themselves. Whenever they have faced difficulties as children, they have not had a loving father to run to and confide in. As a result, they have had to manage and overcome all of their problems on their own. They have been forced to grow up much faster than they should have, learning that they can never wait around for somebody else to fix the problems in their lives.

2. They take care of those around them 

Many women take on the role of the father as they try to make up for his absence. In other words, they pay extra attention to their mothers and siblings and often make it obvious that they are strong enough to take care of them. What is more, when they create their own family, they make sure that they are as loving and present as they can possibly be.

3. They work hard to become the opposite of their fathers

Because they know what it is like to be the daughter of an absent or abusive parent, these women grow up to become loving and present mothers, partners, and friends. They work hard to become the exact opposite of everything their father was and ensure that the people in their lives feel loved, heard, and secure.

Ultimately, as a consequence of years of pain and suffering, the daughters of toxic fathers grow up to become strong and independent women who are capable of providing not only for themselves but for everyone in their lives.

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