7 powerful signs you are a strong woman who stands out

There are many remarkable women in this beautiful world that rise above all others. You are one of them!

That’s right. You are a powerful human being with a fiery soul. You’re only interested in consistency, stability, respect, and loyalty. That’s exactly what makes you a strong woman. You have the strength to make your dreams come true and become the stunning person you’ve always wanted to be.

Here are 7 telling signs you are an amazing strong woman who stands out from the crowd.

1. You speak your truth.

There is nothing more valuable than honesty for you. That’s why you always say what you mean, and you mean what you say. Your authentic soul wouldn’t let you do otherwise. You completely understand that it’s better to say the truth than play with someone’s feelings. As rare as honesty is today, you are one of the few who still stay true to themselves and are straightforward with others no matter what.

2. You believe in yourself.

You are perfectly aware of what you want from life and how to achieve it. And you won’t settle for no less. You have this amazing ability to overcome every obstacle on your way with such grace and confidence that makes others envy you. This independency of yours comes within you and you don’t need anyone to tell you to believe in yourself. Because you already do.

3. You don’t question your self-worth.

You know exactly where you are and where you want to be in life. That’s why you never compare yourself to others. You understand that everyone is on their own unique journey, and comparison is something that only drags people down. You are doing the best you can to become the person you’ve always wanted to bе, and that’s enough.

4. You value respect over attention.

You never beg for attention. What you value the most is mutual respect. You get the attention you deserve anyway. Whenever you get the feeling of being unwanted somewhere, you just walk away. Whoever doesn’t value your presence is not worth fighting for. Besides, you perfectly understand that respect is the foundation of any relationship. That’s why you have the superpower to stay away from toxic people.

5. You’re not afraid to show your feelings.

Expressing your emotions clearly is one of the many amazing qualities you have. A powerful woman like you doesn’t take that as a weakness. You know that all of these feelings bursting inside of you are what makes you the person you are. Even when you cry, you remain strong and fearless.

6. You are there for your friends.

In your friends’ group, you are the one who always gives the best advice. You are the perfect shoulder to cry on because your high sensitivity allows you to understand what others are feeling. Your light lifts everyone’s spirits. Besides, you have mastered great listening skills, and that’s extremely valuable these days. All your friends know that being around you is uplifting.

7. You are empathetic.

It’s a blessing and a curse. You feel deeply every emotion. That’s why you can fully understand what others are going through. What’s more, you never hold bitterness in your heart. You forgive and forget because you know that holding grudges in nothing but emotionally damaging. However, you don’t let people who have hurt you before do it again. You have found the perfect balance.

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