20 telling signs you’ve found a true gentleman

“A gentleman is someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.”
– Haruki Murakami

Men are more than meets the eye. They have hearts that are capable of enormous love, and they are more than their egos.

True gentlemen do not feel ashamed to express their love for their women publicly, and they treat others with respect and dignity.

Here are some of the things a real gentleman does differently from the rest. And if you’re found one like that, be sure, he’s a keeper.

1. He keeps doors open for everyone, not just his partner

In the crazy world we live in, this can be seen as a controversial point, because a lot of people nowadays hate it when guys open doors for them.

But consider this: If you’re about to walk through a door do you not think it’s incredibly rude if the person in front of you lets the door close in your face? A gentleman should keep a door open for the people behind him, regardless of age or gender. This should just be common courtesy.

2. He is punctual

A true gentleman always shows up on time so he does not cause inconveniences for other people. and also because being punctual communicates honor and respect. This is one gentlemanly trait, thankfully, hasn’t changed over the centuries.

3. He has a strong handshake

It’s no secret that the millennial generation’s handshake is much weaker than their predecessors’.

But there’s nothing worse than a man with a weak handshake. A real gentleman will make sure he leaves a good impression with a firm handshake and steady eye contact.

4. He is protective

A true gentleman will always shield a woman from harm no matter what the situation is. He will also walk on the roadside to ensure no potential danger can come to his woman.

5. He knows the difference between confidence and arrogance

While confidence is certainly a good thing, too much of it can make one look like an egoist and a show-off. But a true gentleman keeps things balanced, and understands the difference between confidence and arrogance.

6. He is faithful 

This particular character trait may be more prevalent in modern-day gentlemen as opposed to, let’s say, Medieval Knights, as back then, mistresses were far more accepted and were more commonplace.

7. He doesn’t abandon his partner when times are tough

No matter how much a couple loves each other, on some days the sunshine and rainbows are absent and times can get incredibly tough. A true gentleman does not run off when things get hard to manage; he supports his partner and fights for the relationship till the end.

8. He keeps his promises

A true gentleman’s word is a bond. He understands that once he makes a promise, he must always fulfill it to the best of his abilities. Anything less than that, and his word becomes meaningless and no longer worthy of trust.

9. He has no problem with getting his hands dirty

Even if he’s wearing a new suit, he won’t mind checking your broken car. Even though he cannot cook, he is able to make a delicious breakfast. You can count on him, as he will always get things done.

10. He knows how to keep a secret

When a gentleman is told something confidential, he will keep it between the two of you. He will not gossip about it with his friends or acquaintances, and this is why he is worth your trust.

11. He is well-mannered 

A true gentleman is never rude to others. If he experiences terrible and unexpected service, he remains calm. This shows he can control himself and that he has respect for other people’s work.

12. He knows that anything of worth in life is worth working hard for

A gentleman understands that shortcuts, free rides and things of that nature are not an option. He knows that you get what you give and that anything worth having is also worth fighting for.

13. He is gentle and caring

This means and has always meant never hurting, intimidating, and yelling at a woman.

14. He supports his partner’s goals and dreams

Unless his partner aims to be a lifeless drug addict, a true gentleman should respect and support her ambitions in life, even if they may seem difficult to achieve.

15. He has good morals

No matter the century or continent, true gentlemen have always fought for and done the right thing – and they have always worked on preventing others from doing the wrong thing also.

16. He is a good listener and pays attention whenever spoken to

A true gentleman’s mind does not just start wandering around when he gets bored of listening to the person talking. He is a great conversationalist who understands how to engage people properly during discussions.

17. He is a man of his word

You don’t have to worry about whether he will fulfill his promises or not. If he promised you he will do something consider it done.

18. He is self-sacrificial 

Whether he is in a bus, park or room, the true gentleman always offers his seat to a standing woman. He is willing to sacrifice even the smallest comforts for the benefit of others.

19. He has a sense of humor

The modern gentleman definitely needs to be able to tell a good joke every once in a while – and more than that, be able to take a joke aimed at him.

20. He accomplishes difficult tasks without passing them to others

A true gentleman does not moan or complain about the work he is doing or has to do. He just gets the job done. In addition, he does not pass his problems on to other people because he understands well that we all have our own problems to deal with.

Do you think we may have missed an important gentlemanly trait? Let us know in the comment section below.

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