6 Surefire Signs You’re In a Relationship With A Man-Child

Consider whether you’re in a relationship with a person you constantly have to carry in life instead of a true partner you can rely on. 

What looks like silly and sweet could eventually turn into deadweight that you have to drag for life – together with your kids, finances, and household duties.

Here are 6 warning signs that you might be in a relationship with a man-child.

1. He never picks up after himself

He always creates a mess all around. You’re constantly finding yourself picking up his food, clothes, and so on, and this is truly pitiful. A real man cleans up after himself, and that’s that. Sure, we all forget sometimes, but the distinction with a man-child is that he expects you to be the one who will clean up after him 24/7. He expects to be treated like a needy child, and you to be his maid. Stop cleaning after him. Instead, clean up your life and dispose of him.

2. He lacks ambition and motivation

Unambitious people can be a really big turn off, but the man-child will take this to another level. Why bother evolving in life when you have food on the table.. No career goals, no dreams, no plans for the future whatsoever.

And while it’s completely alright to take some time to think about a work plan, ‘working on an idea’ for years with no results surely does not count as progress.

3. He is extremely selfish

Sure, it can be a positive thing to be with a guy who values his youth and wants to have some fun; after all, life is there to be enjoyed. But for him, most of the time, this ends up being for his own selfish benefit, as are basically most things he does. For heaven’s sake, he’s even selfish in bed!

4. He never takes ownership of his mistakes

Even if you show him evidence of his wrongdoings, he will turn everything around so that he can be the victim. And once you accept his victimhood status, he will try to make you apologize for blaming him in the first place.

5. He is afraid of commitment

For the man-child it’s always too early for commitment. Feel free to throw as many tantrums as you want, but nothing will change him. He has never had to commit to anything serious in his life because he is terrified of responsibility. The man-child will come up with a million excuses not to commit to you, and you know full well that you don’t have time for such games. Move on now, and don’t waste any more precious energy and time.

6. He never makes plans for the two of you

Since he is only focused on himself, you are most likely the one who makes arrangements for quality time as a couple. Sure, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like you or that he has no feelings for you, it’s just that his own priorities are more important than the common good of the relationship. And that is a clear sign that the relationship is in deep trouble.

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