7 telling signs you and your partner are intellectually compatible

As a relationship evolves, there is a large number of factors at play, and different mixtures of personality types need different stimulation in order to produce a lasting relationship

And let’s also not forget the need for good-old-fashioned chemistry!

Being aware of some of the signs of intellectual compatibility in a relationship is crucial for anyone wishing their relationship to last.

And the more of these signs you spot in your relationship, the more greatly matched you and your significant other truly are on an intellectual level.

1. Your intellectual values are the same

Your partner spacing out watching a movie while you read a book may not be a sign your future is doomed, but one of you going on a thirsty quest for knowledge while the other doesn’t show interest in learning new things can be a sure sign you are not on the same page.

Consider this: if you or your love want to spend your weekends visiting museums while the other would rather watch a soap opera at home, one of you will surely get bored eventually.

2. You engage in long meaningful conversations

Goofy small-talk can be cute, but if you’re unable to get past that, you have a big problem on your hands. You must be able to have true and meaningful conversations with your partner. The lack thereof would mean that you are not intellectually compatible with each other. The last thing you want is having to answer stupid questions for the rest of your life. You must have the chance to talk about your worries, fears, and desires. And if one of you does not recognize that, your relationship has already failed!

3. You are each other’s teachers

Having contrasting yet complementary knowledge and skillsets and being open to learning from each other is an excellent indicator of intellectual compatibility. If there is an unwillingness to either learn from each other, the gap in terms of knowledge will become a barrier between you two rather than a bridge of understanding. In this way, one of you will come to feel intellectually inferior or superior to the other which will inevitably create an obstacle in your relationship.

Eventually, you will be divided as one of you assumes the mantle of the teacher while the other becomes the student.

Intellectual harmony requires a balance where both parties involved are open to learning from one another in order to grow as the relationship matures.

4. You dream together

Do you guys ever sit down to talk about your goals and dreams for the future? By sharing these things with each other, you gain a deep understanding of who your significant other is, how much value they place on developing what you have, and what matters to them most in terms of life satisfaction.

Someone who loves talking about travel and exploring new foods will feel tied down with a person who would rather spend their time at home and always orders different versions of the same meal when they go to a restaurant.

5. There is no competition between you

A couple who is constantly sparing and often seem more like competitors rather than partners are much less likely to be on the same intellectual wave.

Sure, it can sometimes be cute and even flirtatious to have a little competition, but it can also get tiring if it becomes the default setting of your relationship.

There is no need to push your brains 24/7 to prove how equally smart you are.

A strong indicator of intellect is a person’s ability to communicate openly, honestly and with respect.

6. You share a similar sense of humor

Loving The Office and Jim Carrey movies doesn’t say much on the issue of whether you are intellectually compatible, but as laughter is the shortest distance between a couple, having entirely opposite reasons to chuckle is eventually going to get old. Jokes flying by undetected, being taken the wrong way or failing to elicit a response is no fun for anybody.

7. You enhance each other’s self-confidence

Self-confidence can be a fragile thing and a strong indicator of intellectual harmony showing just how self-assured you feel in the company of your significant other.

You should be able to express your opinions without having to fear your partner’s harsh judgment or correction.

Resentment, jealousness or anxiousness should be nonexistent between you and you should never feel as if your integrity is being undervalued.

Your intellectual equal should not feel the need to repeatedly interrupt, over-explain, or wave their pointer at you.

If there is just too much patronizing or belittling language being thrown around, you may have to ask yourself if you’re mentally well-matched.

Are you and your partner intellectually compatible?

If the answer is YES, would you care to share some of your own tips with us? Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment. 

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