10 positive signs you and your BFF are actually going to be friends forever

Finding your one true friend, who’s going to be there for you no matter what, is as complicated and difficult as finding your soulmate.

Because a true friend is someone who listens to all of your drama over and over again without complaining. They make your problems their own, so you don’t have to go through it all alone.

Moreover, a true friend is your unpaid therapist and your partner in crime. Anyone lucky enough to have a best friend is truly blessed. But sometimes, having the same fashion tastes is not enough to call someone your best friend.

Check out these signs to see if your BFF is actually going to be by your side forever and beyond.

1. You have built a great communicational pattern.

You don’t need to communicate on a daily basis to know that your friendship is real. However, both of you need to be active listeners. Whenever you are going through a rough time, your friend needs to be there and offer you a comforting hug, a valuable piece of advice, and a shoulder to cry on. And you should do the same for them as well.

2. Both of you are equally excited about hanging out.

And both of you just don’t feel like going out sometimes. What’s more, the two of you invest equally in your friendship. You don’t feel like only one of you makes the effort to call or reach out to the other one. Being equally psyched to hang out makes both of you feel secure and confident about your friendship.

3. It takes only a look or a word to tell if your friend is feeling down.

Sometimes, you’re just not feeling like yourself, and you let desperation take over your mind. But no matter how hard you’re trying to hide it, your best friend can always see through your fake smile. And even if at the same time they are having a wild stroke of luck, they are still empathetic enough to help you deal with what you’re going through. A real friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes, while everyone else believes in your “I’m fine”.

4. You stay in touch no matter the distance.

Someone once said, “True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart”. The truth is, no friendship goes in a straight line. Life is a wild adventure that sometimes requires significant changes. And some of these changes mean you and your BFF need to go on your own separate ways. However, if your friendship is real, no distance will stand in your way, and you will stay in touch and reach out to one another no matter the weather.

5. You help each other out without being too needy.

Helping your friend and listening to their problems shouldn’t irritate you or make you feel like you’re sacrificing your time to deal with their drama. On the other hand, if one of you is constantly demanding the other one’s attention, it can surely begin to feel like a drain. Your friend may be offering their help as an unpaid therapist, but you shouldn’t call them only when you need someone to talk to.

6. You know how to handle your jealousy.

Do you know that disturbing feeling when someone calls your best friend their best friend? Or when your BFF gets into a relationship, and you’re just sitting there like, “How dare you?!” But even though you feel like you just want to slap this other person, you realize that your friend is happy, so you do your best to hide your jealousy.

7. You’re not afraid to be brutally honest with each other.

When your friend does something stupid, you don’t hesitate to be straightforward with them and tell them exactly what you think. And you do it, not to make them feel bad about their decisions, but because you’re worried about them, and you don’t want them to get hurt. However, you’re only being brutally honest with them when you really need to. If you constantly criticize one another, saying, “I’m just telling you the truth” this has nothing to do with honesty.

8. You’re both equally adventurous.

You and your BFF love to do new exciting things that strengthen your friendship. And the greatest thing is, you both invest equal amounts of energy, time, and love for building and keeping your bond ever-evolving and thrilling. You share the same passion for life, which makes your friendship full of adventures and beautiful breathtaking moments. Besides, you never get bored when you’re together. How amazing is that?!

9. You open up in a healthy way.

Whenever you’re hurt or you’re experiencing emotional trauma, you are able to discuss it with your best friend in a healthy way. And as your friend, they are able to listen to your troubles and help you get through them. Most importantly, you and your BFF don’t even think about using your vulnerability against each other. A real friend is someone who knows everything about you, even your darkest secrets, and loves you despite all that. Moreover, even though they have the power to crush you with a single word, they never use your openness to hurt you.

10. Nothing has the power to stand between you.

Best friends are just like the stars in the sky. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there. Neither distance nor jobs or relationships have the power to stand in the way of your friendship. All of these things mean so little when someone means so much. You are always there for one another, no matter the circumstances. That’s what a real friendship feels like.

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