6 Subtle Signs that You Might Actually be an Introvert

6 Subtle Signs that You Might Actually be an Introvert

One of the most common distinctions people make about themselves is between being and introvert or an extrovert. In a conversation the other day, I found myself waffling back and forth between which of the two I really thought I was. In my head, I’m a total extrovert. I reach out and interact with people all day. I am a social animal and like being around people. As the conversation proceeded, I started to realize: as much as I think I am an extrovert, in reality, I’m more of an introvert.
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So why does it matter?

A big part of emotional intelligence and maintaining a balance in your life is understanding what works for you and what doesn’t. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses even when it comes to something as common as our social interactions. Understanding your nature as an introvert or an extrovert is important to knowing the situations that you will be successful in, and the situations that will get you out of your comfort zone. So, if you are like me and think you are an extrovert, keep these 6 subtle signs that you might be an introvert in mind:

You can Speak to a Crowd, but Don’t Like Groups

For some people, the thought of public speaking is on par with swimming with sharks. Especially for an introvert. For some of us, we don’t have a problem with speaking in front of a crowd, we have a problem with being the crowd afterwards. There is a detachment that can be achieved when speaking to a group of people. You can distance yourself from the actual crowd and just focus on what it is that you are saying. But, if you get in a crowd of people, interactions are inevitable.

You Write on a Regular Basis

Introverts naturally spend a lot of time in their own heads, so writing is a natural outlet. Journaling, in particular, has the ability to give us a confidant of sorts, even if no one ever reads your words. One aspect of introverts that people don’t seem to acknowledge is that writing can extend to your communications with other people. Introverts tend to prefer emailing or texting over talking. It’s not always that you don’t want to interact with people, you just prefer to do so in a written medium.
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You are not Glued to your Cellphone

For some people, the thought of being separated from their cell phone is preposterous. Being glued to your phone is a form of extroversion because you have a need to be constantly connected to everyone around you. Introverts can walk out of the house without their cell phones and not freak out about it. If you are the kind of person who can leave your phone on the table next to you, hear it go off, and don’t have to immediately check it – you might be more of an introvert than you think.

Your Friends are Primarily Extroverts

One common aspect of a true introvert is that they tend to surround themselves with extroverts. Introverts realize the beauty that can come from being a wallflower, and just observing people. You don’t always have to be the center of attention, in fact, you prefer that someone else is.
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Doing Nothing is not a Bad Thing

If the idea of doing nothing doesn’t bother you, chances are that you are more of an introvert than you think you are. Some people have to be going non-stop. For some of us, nothing sounds better than turning off the TV, shutting down the computer, turning off the phone, and just losing ourselves in a good book for hours at a time. Even if it’s not an everyday thing, just having the desire to disconnect and be alone is always a viable option.

You are not Quick to Trust

Even if you like meeting new people, introverts are not quick to open up to people. Opening up requires trust. If you have no problem interacting with strangers but keep them at arm’s length, chances are you are more of an introvert. Extroverts usually have the mentality that they have “never met a stranger.” Introverts have more acquaintances than real friends. This doesn’t mean that they are cold and calloused, it just means that they take time to open up and trust people.

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