5 Telling Signs You’re Going Through An Introvert Hangover

Are you feeling broken, drained and overly emotional? Then you might be suffering from an introvert hangover.

Thankfully, there are ways to treat it and get yourself back on a happy track.

The introvert hangover can happen when you have spent a long time socializing with other people, either for work reasons or with friends or family, without being able to get much time for yourself. Top reasons for getting a serious introvert hangover can include work meetings, holidays with other people or even having house guests.

The following is a list of symptoms you can have if you suffer from an introvert hangover:

1. The way you speak changes

You could be speaking slower, with extra-long pauses between your words. You might also say words close but not exact to the intended meaning. If you feel extreme fatigue, you could even come across as a little drunk, despite having had little to no alcohol. You might string your words together, or mispronounce or slur them.

2. Everything irritates you

It might sound a bit irrational, but when you’ re an introvert who’s reached their socializing limit, do not be shocked if everyone and everything starts irritating you, including the ambiance of your own house.

According to clinical psychologist Michael Alcee, it’s a kind of “nagging feeling” that makes you take notice of details you might otherwise pay no attention to, like if the lights or noise levels of the room all of a sudden feel “really turned up.”

3. Decision making becomes an ordeal

You become unable to make even the simplest decisions, such as whether you want to have a piece of candy or not. It shouldn’t be so hard but sadly it is. And when it comes to larger issues, you might find yourself going over and over the situation in your head to the point of complete exhaustion. And your exhaustion prevents you to pin down the one bit of information that could reveal the correct path.

4. You feel physically drained 

Excessive social activity can be physically draining for an introvert, so when you ponder about what an introvert hangover really consists of, it can happen in just about any situation in which other people are involved.

“When introverts stay at that party too long, or are inundated with group meeting after group meeting, that good ‘social connection’ moves toward becoming toxic, [similar to] the way alcohol can,” Michael Alcee tells Elite Daily.

Often this translates to introverts not only becoming cranky and irritated, he adds, but also disoriented, fatigued, and oversensitive to light and noise.

5. You have an intense desire for solitude

While suffering from an introvert hangover all you want to do is to be left alone. You want to snuggle up in your pajamas at home with a good movie or book. You switch your phone to silent mode, close your bedroom, and do some much-needed essential self-care. Your partner or roommate might be allowed to hang around with you – as long as they keep quiet or don’t expect you to give them too much of your attention.

What is the remedy for the introvert hangover?

The best way to get relief from the introvert hangover is to spend time in solitude, preferably in a calm, quiet place. Engage in your favorite self-care activity or hobby – anything that usually boosts your mood and energy levels. For the introvert, spending time alone is as nourishing as food and water.

More than anything else, remember that your introvert needs are valid. Living in a society that puts more value to the extrovert’s way, we introverts may feel like our way of living is wrong. We sometimes worry that our need will inconvenience someone or hurt their feelings. As a result, we might hide our feelings or pretend that we don’t have them – and silently suffer the consequences.

It’s alright to leave the party early. It’ alright to spend time in solitude. Your needs are perfectly valid, too,

Have you experienced an introvert hangover lately?

Can you think of any more these signs you’ve noticed in yourself? Let us know in the comment section below.

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