The 8 Most Serious Issues Every Sensitive Over-Thinker Struggles With

There are people who tend to over think every situation

These individuals possess remarkably coherent and rational thinking which enables them to analyze everything to the tiniest detail. But the serious thing about it is they do that almost all the time. 

In addition, such people are usually frank and have an adoring and fragile heart (which is why they are so unconfident and tend to overthink).

Sadly, they have to pay a very high price for their unusual character.

Each day, they fight with the flooding nervousness that meddles with their primary mental process. On top of that, these people continuously blame or question themselves for everything that happens.

And those are just a few of a long list of issues that sensitive individuals with a high functioning mind struggle with.

Below we have outlined 8 of the most serious struggles of an over-thinker with a sensitive soul.

Read on to find out if you too are an overthinker who struggles with these problems.

1. Overthinkers have a constant need to love and be loved

These individuals live to love and to be loved. They need to feel appreciated, respected and liked by most of the people in their life. That is the case because over thinkers possess a delicate heart that could not settle for less than pure love and affection. However, such sensitivity goes along with a big dose of anxiousness as overthinkers always worry about the possibility of being hurt by others. It’s not easy to be someone who still has their heart on the sleeve, so overthinkers often choose to play safe and remain inside their shell.

2. Other people’s opinion is extremely important for them

Even though it may sound somehow immature, it’s a fact that over thinkers tend to over-value other people’s views. They do so because they try to give 100% and expect others to give as much as them. And when this is not the case, an over-thinker starts to doubt themselves and their actions, while it’s the other person’s/people’s behavior that they have to call into question. On the other hqnd, criticism is a normal thing. We all know that mistakes are an inevitable part of life. Hence, when we accept constructive feedback, we become better people; so overthinkers should not blame themselves when they make mistakes.

3. Such people can’t live in the present

These people think in details about everything that happens or might happen. They analyze the future consequences or the circumstances of specific situations. It is how overthinkers exist – regretting the past they cannot bring back or worrying about the future that has not come yet. And that is a stressful way of life. What is more, it prevents them from concentrating on the present moment and living in the here and now.

4. Overthinkers tend to give up before even starting

Overthinkers try to always predict possible outcomes of certain situations in the future. The point is to prevent negative consequences and potential failure. Since these people are too sensitive, they try to avoid everything which could cause them pain. So, it’s not surprising at all that they would end a relationship that could be one of a lifetime if they decide that in the future their partner might betray them. Such state of mind is dangerous. It could turn into a lifestyle and ruin all their relationships or deprive them of all excellent opportunities in life.

5. They have poor sleep habits

Tossing and turning in bed, thinking about different events or people is something that sooner or later every over thinker experiences. The thoughts could be so overwhelming that these people become incapable of finding calm and cannot fall asleep which could seriously affect their health. And that doesn’t happen every once in a while. Sadly it usually becomes an endless cycle of sleep deprivation which should be treated by a professional.

6. These people think others have hidden motives for their actions.

Overthinkers tend to continually seek a hidden purpose or reason related to everything that others say or do. According to them every word has a more profound underlying sense that they need to explain and reveal. Behind each action lies a hidden motive that needs to be examined and eventually uncovered. That condition could be severe and could drive the person insane as there comes a moment when the overthinker becomes obsessed with everybody’s actions and words.

7. Over-thinkers can be too much for some people

And since they doubt other people’s intentions, it’s little surprise over thinkers require detailed information about everything they have to deal with and everyone they meet. Indeed, such behavior is extremely harmful as it affects negatively not only the overthinkers but also the people who have to answer their endless list of pointless and annoying questions.

8. They see the world in black and white

Another harsh truth about sensitive over-thinkers is that they see the world in black and white. They never have a moderate opinion, and their emotions are never mild. An over-thinker would either love or hate, feel completely happy or devastated.

So, being a sensitive overthinker is difficult and exhausting not only for the individual. The people in his or her life could also be negatively affected by the over thinker’s presence.

But that is not a reason to cut off overthinkers from our circle since they possess many extraordinary traits as well.

They are among the most talented and creative people in the world.

Sensitive overthinkers are more emotionally intelligent than others, and would never settle for a relationship which is not deep and sincere.

On top of that, their unusual way of thinking makes them very special and at the same time challenging to love. As David Jones once said :

“It is both a blessing

And a curse

To feel everything

So very deeply.”

Have you too struggled with these issues?

Please, tell us in the comments.

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