5 More Subtle Signs that You’re Extremely Emotionally Intelligent

5 More Subtle Signs that You're Extremely Emotionally Intelligent

The topic of emotional intelligence (EQ) is one that has been creeping its way to the forefront of conversations about human interaction and self-development over the last few years. Some of the signs of high emotional intelligence are easier to identify than others. Our very own Raven Fon put together a great list of signs of high emotional intelligence, and she was spot on. The following list is things that people don’t always attribute to a high EQ, but are crucial to it.
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You Have an Extensive Emotional Vocabulary

One aspect of being emotionally intelligent is being able to identify and communicate how you feel. For instance, there is a difference in sad and anguished. There is a difference between upset and furious. It’s not just about knowing the words to describe different emotions, it is about identifying exactly how you feel.

You Have no Expectations

Expectations create disappointment, it is that simple. Disappointment in others and even in ourselves. The emotionally intelligent approach to expectations is simply not to have any. It’s one thing to hope for the best in a situation, but you always have to prepare for the worst. The point of abandoning expectations is not allowing anyone or anything else to control your happiness.

You Effectively Disconnect

Disconnection is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves. Running away and disconnecting are two different things. Running away is a reactionary response, which has never once solved an issue. You might escape the monster chasing you, but that doesn’t mean the monster goes away. Disconnecting, on the other hand, is a conscious mental decision that is made and even communicated. There might be people in your life that need to know that you are turning your phone off for a day while you relax.
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You Neutralize Negativity

Emotional intelligence is to negativity like water is to acid. Highly emotionally intelligent people don’t even realize what they are doing sometimes, it’s just like negativity doesn’t survive around them. Even when those negative thoughts are their own. Again, this is a matter of controlling your own happiness, no matter if a Debbie Downer is around or not.
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You are Effective at Saying No

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of emotional intelligence is the ability to effectively say no. Especially when we have to say no to ourselves. Again, the key word here is “effectively”. Saying no isn’t always an easy thing to do, and they regret having to do so. If you understand the impact and effects of whatever you are saying no to, there should be no regrets. Saying no with confidence and without prejudice is effective.

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