6 Self-limiting beliefs about relationships that are keeping you from finding true love

Our lives often reinforce self-limiting beliefs, and this can be especially damaging for our chances of finding true love

Those are nothing more than assumptions that you have decided to be true, and yet they may not be true at all. They are preventing you from giving and receiving love.

It is our mind that is being tricked into believing it is protecting itself. But the truth is we are living in fear.

Once we have formed a strong belief, we subconsciously seek evidence to support it and that is what keeps us stuck in one place.

Here are 6 self-limiting beliefs about relationships that keep us from finding true love.

1. Dating is scary

This toxic belief limits you from enjoying the dating period of your life. It could even stop you from meeting your soulmate.

The truth is, dating is a lot of fun and can educate you in many ways. It gives you the chance to go out, meet new people, do things you might never do otherwise, and get to know more about yourself and what you want out of a partner and life in general.

2. Thinking you don’t deserve love

Deep down you believe you are a twisted person.

You have appalling personal habits, you are selfish and cheap and harbor evil thoughts, and if people knew the whole truth about you, they would run for the hills.

Welcome to the club of being human.

The reality is that we are all to some degree terrible and unlovable. Nobody fully deserves to be loved. But we love each other regardless because this is how we were made. We were made for love.

Life is simply much better when you have someone to share it with.

Yes, we end up marrying the wrong people, we struggle to be faithful, and we fight with each other. But it is all worth it in the end.

If we all deserve love, so do you!

3. Thinking that big red flags are permissible

Many singles meet a person, see many positive things about them, then see a couple of big red flags and let them slide. Sadly, most of these people have the limiting belief that one or two big red flags aren’t a big deal.

This is one of the biggest limiting beliefs that many lonely people, who get stuck in a series of terrible relationships, buy into.

For example, if your ex-partner has cheated on you, and your date flirts with another person before your eyes, you may outweigh this red flag with all the good qualities he or she has shown.

There is, however, a strong possibility that if they don’t mind flirting with others in front of you, they will do much more when you’re not around.

If they give off some truly worrying warning signs that won’t age well in your relationship, pay close attention to them. Develop the belief that it is healthier to admit that these red flags will cause your relationship to collapse instead of just waiting for it to happen and ruin your life.

4. You think relationships should be easy

Many people out there believe that as soon as the right person comes into their life, everything will be easy.

Together, you will patiently decide with what tempo your relationship will develop and when you will move in together. You will never argue and are careful about saying things that might hurt your partner.

But if you are truly expecting a perfect and easy relationship, you better get used to being alone.

Because, regardless of how perfect a match you and your partner are, and how healthy your relationship, it is still going to be difficult at times.

5. You don’t believe there’s anyone out there for you

The easiest thing to do is to give up and conclude that there is simply no one out there for you. Maybe the person of your dreams just doesn’t exist.

But in truth, there is someone for everyone.

There is a staggering number of single people out there, and many of them could be great for you.

You don’t need to settle for a bad relationship or sentence yourself to being forever alone.

Maybe take a break from dating for a while and spend some time thinking about what you truly want out of a relationship – but never give up on love!

6. You are afraid to ask for what you want 

Many people have a fear of asking for what they really want, and won’t even admit what they want to themselves.

But the problem isn’t what you want. And it isn’t that you want too much. The problem is that you don’t want it bad enough.

You must ask for what you want! And if you do not ask for it, you will never get it.

So stop holding back.

The only things standing between you and true love are your own self-limiting beliefs.

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