Looking Back: 4 Things You’ll Regret Doing in the Near Future

Looking Back: 4 Things You'll Regret Doing in the Near Future

As hard as we may try not to do them, there are always going to be things that we can look back on and regret.

It’s just a condition of being the imperfect creatures that we are. The difference is, are you going to look back in a week and regret a decision or action, or are you going to look back years from now and really wish that you hadn’t done something. There are certain things that we can do that will have a long-lasting impact, and the regret from those things hangs around much longer.

Here are 4 things that you’ll be sure to regret, even several years later.

Being Fake

No matter what, anytime you have to become something you’re not to get something in life – you’re setting yourself up for regret. Maybe it is being fake to fit in with a group of people or acting a certain way to get a job, either way – you can only keep up the facade for so long. Every time you have to become that person that you have to be to maintain those kinds of relationships, you lose a little more of who you really are. You are amazing and unique just the way you are, don’t fake it.
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Living Someone Else’s Dream

This one is so common for a lot of us. When you give into someone else’s dreams you have to let go of yours. This is your life, not your parent’s or your significant other’s. Yes, there is a measure of compromise that can exist when it comes to the lives we want to live, especially when it is someone like a spouse. That being said, compromise requires both parties to give something up. No one wants to wake up in 5 years living a life that isn’t theirs.

Not Taking Chances

Too many times in life things like fear of change keep us from doing something that could potentially enhance our lives. We get so ingrained in our comfort zones that opportunities to take a new path pass us right by. Then we are left with nothing but “what could have been.” Take risks, that is what life is all about.
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This is the number one regret that people face. Sometimes when where we want to be seems too far away, we just settle for where we are. The journey to get the greatest things in life is supposed to be tough. You have to work for it. Don’t quit climbing that mountain just because it is easier to stop where you are. Push forward, so that down the road you won’t be able to look back and say, “I wish I would have just kept going.”

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