6 Not So Obvious Relationship Red Flags Revealing Your Partner Might Not Be Right For You According to Experts

“We cannot decide to love. We cannot compel anyone to love us. There’s no secret recipe, only love itself. And we are at its mercy–there’s nothing we can do.”
― Nina George, The Little Paris Bookshop

No one wants to be alone or to feel lonely. However, when someone does, finding a partner can go as far as becoming obsessed with it. Sadly that urge to find a relationship could be a sign of desperation which means the chances of discovering a suitable partner are not high because the obsession could result in starting a relationship with a random someone who is just not for you.

Usually, it is easy to understand that you’re with an inappropriate partner because it is more than evident that you two have nothing in common. But other times the signs of incompatibility are not that apparent.

That’s why we searched for the opinions of different relationship experts and outlined a list of 6 not so obvious red flags that reveal you might be having a relationship with the wrong person.

Here they are:

1. You maintain an on and off relationship

You and your partner maintain an on and off relationship that involves periods of love and happiness when both of you fly with the wings of love. They, however, are always followed by serious conflicts and arguments that cause tension and put the stability of the relationship at risk. Such relationships are especially misleading because they leave you with the impression that things could improve at a later stage but sadly this is hardly ever the case. Here is what Jenna Matlin, Clairvoyant Intuitive of The Queen of Wands Tarot thinks:

” The danger with on-again, off-again relationships is that you are inadvertently training yourself to return to the very thing that does not work. So if you’re stuck in a cycle where you keep breaking up and getting back together, you may be in love with the wrong person. ”

So, if that is the case with you and your partner you should think well whether or not it is worthy to continue a relationship that keeps proving not to be working out.

2. They have a bad influence on you

According to Anne-Marrie Foscolo couples, counselour a successful and healthy relationship should make your life easier, not the other way round. She thinks that it if the partners are happy with each other they feel comfortable and crave spending more time in the company of the other person.

Still, If your significant other makes you feel emotionally exhausted, you may not be on the right track with this person as obviously, they have a terrible influence on you. And that would never be the case if they were the right partner for you.

3. It’s hard for your partner to show they are sorry

According to the relationship expert and psychic Davida Rappaport:

“If your partner does or says something that hurts you deeply and is unable to apologize, this is a sign that they are uncomfortable admitting any wrongdoing,”.

However, you should pay attention if they only say they take responsibility for doing you wrong without proving it through actions. If they don’t demonstrate that what they’ve done won’t happen again an apology is just empty words and means nothing.

4. You are the one always to initiate

You are the person who always suggests doing things together, you are the one who wants physical intimacy, or shares personal details more often. Here is what Foscolo says about this:

“If you are always the one who initiates, then you should have already understood that what you have with your partner is not mutual. Happy, successful relationships involve two people who invest time and efforts to create a strong bond with each other. If only one of them carries the weight of the relationship, this is a red flag for the couple’s future.”

5. Sex life doesn’t lead to emotional closeness

Sex is not only a means to satisfy our physical needs. It should also lead to emotional closeness with the partner if the relationship is healthy and promising. However, if you are with the wrong person, although you may have good sex it would only provide physical satisfaction. Pay attention to the behavior of your partner during and after sex. Are they are gentle with you? Do they hug you? Do they show you how much you mean to them and how happy you make them feel?

According to happiness and well-being author Kulraj:

“Hugging is, in fact, just an extended form of a fundamental human need: touch. An abundance of research has shown that skin-to-skin contact between a mother and newborn yields important physical and psychological benefits.”

The same goes for people who are in love. That’s why If the sex is deprived of emotions, gentle gestures or if your significant other ALWAYS turns to the other side of the bed and falls asleep, there might be something not quite right between you two.

Here is the opinion of the relationship coach Jenna Ponaman:

“Most people think that regular sex with your partner means a healthy relationship, but not always. If it becomes something you pencil into your schedule, it’s no longer an act of love but a ‘to-do,’

6. Your intuition tells you the things between you are not going OK

If you cannot get out of your head the thought that there is something wrong with the relationship most probably there are reasons for this. If you feel that your partner doesn’t appreciate what you bring to the table or your feelings and efforts are not mutually shared then they might really not be the one.

Eventually, it’s necessary to mention that countless signs could be included in the long long list of a relationship red flags. However, these 6 signs are among the most common yet not that obvious ones that signal you have to reconsider your relationship.

Because what we shouldn’t forget is that as Phil Collins sings “You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait.”

After all, there are so many other people out there who are also searching for the right partner, so we shouldn’t be discouraged that we still haven’t found ours and stay in an unhealthy relationship just because we fear loneliness.

Have you found the one?

Please share your experience in the comments.

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