8 Solid Reasons Why You Should Always Tell Your Crush How You Feel About Them

Do you have special feelings for someone but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea to tell them?

Here are 8 solid reasons why you should absolutely tell your crush how you feel about them!

1. So you can start dating

Whether they are a friend or someone you don’t know that well, you cannot start going out with them if you don’t tell each other how you feel. If you want your friendship to transform into something deeper, you absolutely have to tell him or her how you feel. It is likely that they don’t know at this time, so you two won’t be able to date without breaking the ice. Be bold and make the first step, so both of you know where you stand.

2. It becomes easier to move on

It’s much easier to get back to your routine as a single person. You feel better about going out and even dating others without having to feel bad that you might be hurting anyone’s feelings. You can then say, with a clear conscience, “I’m available”.

3. You will feel much better

Keeping such a secret to yourself can take a toll on your relationships, especially if you’re concealing it from a person who’s also a friend. By telling them, you will get huge load off your chest which will make you feel so much better. You cannot hide your feelings indefinitely. You’ll also have to make sure that you don’t just let it slip. Sitting them down and telling them exactly how you feel will prevent all the pains and heartaches you go through every time you pretend like everything is normal. Tell them and you’ll feel so much better!

4. It’ll prevent you from being strung along

If you were starting to develop serious feelings, it’s always better to say it sooner than later before the risk of getting heartbroken will have increased. You don’t want to be strung along for too long just to discover that it’s a dead end.

5. It’ll make them like you more

Your special someone will like you that much more if you tell them how you truly feel. Don’t risk them walking away without knowing it. By telling them the truth, you are confirming your feelings, and that will make them like you even more. They will like you so much more knowing you aren’t afraid of being honest. It shows them that you’re the kind of person who knows what they want and goes for it no matter may come.

6. You deserve an answer

You deserve to know how they feel, you owe it to yourself to know where you stand, and you have every right to ask questions that concern you on such a deep level, regardless of what the answer may be.

7. They deserve to know

They deserve to know why you were acting strange all this time and they also deserve to know why things will never be the same again once you hear the answer you did not want to hear. If you truly care about them, tell them the truth.

8. You could miss out on true love

There are many things that could stop you from telling your special person that you like them. They could move country or start seeing someone else for example. Maybe you could move away or something bad might happen to one of you, and you would forever regret not having told them about our feelings. Should you not want to risk missing out on this potential love, you will have to tell them how you feel. The only way to prevent missing out on true love is to tell them how you feel.

Do you believe that no matter if you’re a man or a woman, you should always tell you crushes how you feel about them?

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