Only a real man can win the heart of a woman who is comfortable with being alone

It’s difficult enough for many men to have regular dates even while spending a good amount of time around women who are single and hoping to find someone.

Hence, it’s not hard to imagine how hard it could be for an average man to have success in dating a female who is comfortable being single. And this is precisely the case for many women who are used to being alone.

It’s part of the human condition to feel lonely shortly after separation, but in time those negative feelings can slowly dissipate.

A woman can then create a balance in her life which does not depend on other people. She cannot control other people’s decisions, but she can make her own.

She knows where she is and where she wants to end up being. This is her way to success, without the need of a significant other to get there.

And for a man to change the course of that, he would need to be someone real and very special.

A real man is not someone who holds back tears when in agony.

He does not have to have a large bank account and his muscles do not have to outgrow his shirts. He doesn’t have to pick up the bill every time, and he does not have to hold doors open for a woman on every single ocasion.

Being a real man is much more than following the example of a charming rom-com actor, and it’s more than just following the rules you’ve heard from friends about how to get a woman in bed.

A real man is fully aware of the fact that a healthy relationship does not have playbook step by step guidelines.

He is not into playing games, because he fully knows what he wants and is willing to put in the effort it takes to achieve his goals.

He respects women and does not waste their time by manipulating them.

He is capable of withstanding times of loneliness and hardship without crumbling under the pressure, just like any strong woman who has been on her own.

A real man is not afraid of his feelings and he is comfortable expressing them.

He is open, honest and straightforward with his woman. He appreciates the affection and love he receives and doesn’t question his woman’s motives.

A real man loves his woman on a deeper level than others and trusts her the way she trusts him.

The only way a real woman can accept a man is if he has taken the time to know himself in and out,  the way she has. A man who has not reached this level of mental strength will not stand a chance.

Women who are comfortable with the single life do not need and will not waste their time with men who don’t meet these criteria. Instead of wasting their time with such men, they will rather opt for spending it at home, wrapped up in a blanket, watching their favorite TV show, having fun with their hobbies or working on a meaningful project.

A woman who has learned how to manage being on her own understands the value of time.

And if a man does not, there’s not much that can be done to help him…

What qualities does a man need to have to win your heart? Let us know in the comment section below.

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