You Can’t Just Leave When Things Get Tough, Real Love Requires Hard Work, Commitment And Sacrifice

“Love should leave you feeling drunk on happiness, but never hungover.”

Many of us like to think that love is a walk in the park but the truth is, in order to achieve a state of ecstasy in love, work is required from both parties, everyday. Love can bring out the best in us and it can bring out the worst – this is because when it is real, it is also raw.

Healthy, strong relationships don’t just happen overnight, they require a lot of compromise and sacrifice, all in the name of love.

When you love someone you are undoubtedly going to argue, and sometimes those arguments can get ugly – it’s during these times that people choose to throw in the towel instead of working through it. When you work through issues together, it only strengthens the bond you have with each other.

Real love requires commitment.

You need to be there for each other, holding hands – braving the storms together or else, what was the point of saying ‘I love you’? So many people say those three words, not knowing the power they hold, and when the going gets tough, they run for hills leaving the other person with dust in their mouth.

Love is not always going to be beautiful sunsets, rose flavored kisses and warm embraces.

Sometimes it’s going to be tears, pain, sorrow and anger but this is a natural part of love – and if you truly love your partner you are going to stick with them until the very end, no matter the situation.

Because when you truly love someone you’re not going to throw everything away over one silly disagreement or argument.

You’re going to scream, shout, cry and then, when both of you have calmed down, you’re going to talk it out. Each person deserves a chance to be heard and to say what they need to say. Arguments get sorted out over clear communication, even if it means talking it out until the sun comes up, because when you love someone you will always find a way to work through your sh*t.

Compromise is an important part of any relationship, you’re going to be put in situations which you don’t like and you’re going to learn how to accept it because it makes them happy. You’re going to have to sacrifice things and that’s okay, because when you’re in a real, loving relationship you stick with your partner through their darkest times.

It’s not a matter of showing up and being there for them when it’s convenient for you, no, you show up all the time because you love them.

When both of you are working towards the same goal (love) you end up creating a team, and team members are with each other right up until the end, there’s no quitting on one another.

Life becomes easier when we have the support and love of our partners, and if both of you put in equal amounts of work, it will work.

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