How To Quit Being Offended All the Time

It’s no secret that when people truly delve into topics like happiness and mental health, they often turn to the ancient teachings of minds far greater than ours. Wisdom, true wisdom that is, is an old thing. It’s something that develops over eons and lies in the dusty corners of our modern lives. Exploring the concept of happiness, I’ve found one of the long-lost principles that seems more important right now than ever:

If you want to truly be happy – you need to quit being offended by every little thing you encounter.

Now I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but you have to admit that the trend of constantly being offended is more prevalent now than ever. It’s a disturbing trend on a spiritual and psychological level.

Remember, psychology translates to “study of the soul”. So how can one increase their level of happiness through the subtle art of not being offended?

It’s Not About You

One thing people really need to realize is that not everything in the universe is personal. If someone out there in the world says something you don’t agree with, that doesn’t mean they are speaking about YOU. They may be referring to something that resembles your situation – but they aren’t speaking about YOU. That person is speaking from their own unique point of view and even if you don’t agree with them, that does not mean that they are attacking you. It’s much simpler and healthier to just say, “That’s their opinion. Their perception is not my reality.”

Recognize Individual Experience not Personal Prejudice

To realize that everything said or written in the world is not a personal attack, we have to acknowledge that just as those people don’t know you or your situation – you don’t know theirs. Whatever it is that they said to offend you comes from their collection of experiences and beliefs. Their life leads them to their conclusion. Your life should lead you to being okay with their experience, not feeling hurt by it.

Extend Compassion not Objection

Just as it is with just about any other human interaction, kindness goes a long way. Instead of just flying off the handle and being offended by what someone says, try to understand things from that person’s point of view. Those experiences that lead them to their opinion may have been traumatic for that person. There may be a lot of pain in whatever that person says. They might just be ignorant and misinformed. No matter what the case is, keep in mind that we all react to things differently in our lives, for some their reaction isn’t good. How many times have you reacted purely out of instinct, simply to regret whatever you said later?

Just remember, in the end, we are all human and doing our best to get by. You’ll find that life is a lot easier when you give up on being offended by everything everyone says. Heck, you might even be offended by the fact that I’m telling you to quit being offended. That’s okay. I’m going to keep doing what I do, and I wish you the best. I will say I’ll probably be happier doing it, though.

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