15 qualities strong relationships have no matter what

Relationships are tough, aren’t they? You can’t be compatible with everyone, you need to find the one. And you need to create a genuine strong bond with this one.

Building and keeping a strong relationship means to really connect with your partner and truly know their needs and preferences. You have to respect each other and show support and appreciation for one another.

Here are the 15 qualities any strong relationship has no matter what.

1. You are both honest with each other

A strong relationship is built on honesty. If you are not genuine with your partner, then your relationship is full of fake feelings. When you are truly in love, you don’t feel the need to lie or to hide secrets from your significant other. That’s the beauty of it.

2. You appreciate each other’s presence

Being together should be something you enjoy and appreciate. Spending quality time together makes your bond stronger and healthier. Even just listening to how your partner’s day was should be a positive and bonding experience.

3. You know how to have fun together

No matter how long you two have been together, you still know how to have fun with one another. None of you feels like they’ve been dragged along to something they don’t enjoy. Whether it’s going to the movies, attending a concert of your favorite band, or having a nice picknick at the park, you know how to have a good time together.

4. You act as a team

If you are in a strong relationship, then you two are a team. You look out for one another. Even when times get rough, you still stand by each other through the storm. This is maybe one of the most difficult parts of a relationship. However, this shows clearly who is always going to be there for you, and who is going to run seeing a small bump on the road.

5. You treat each other with respect

As you may have heard, respect is what stays after the love fades. We can’t keep the spark that made us fall in love forever. But we can keep respecting each other, and never cross our boundaries. And it needs to be mutual if you want your relationship to stay strong.

6. You make plans for the future

If both of you see each other together in the future, then this bond between you is strong and steady. This means that you two are on the same page.  You share your hopes and dreams, and this is truly beautiful.

7. You make time for intimacy

Whether it’s emotional or physical intimacy, you know how important that is for strengthening your relationship. If one of you doesn’t feel satisfied or happy in the other’s company, then you need to figure out a way to fix it. Take your time to really get to know each others’ preferences and needs. This will surely help you create genuine intimacy.

8. You never neglect each other

The quiet treatment is not an option in strong relationships. If there is a problem between you two, talk it out. Neglecting your partner won’t do you any good. It’s way better to share your thoughts and feelings with your loved one than to keep them in you, and unnecessary stress out days over something you could solve for minutes.

9. You are free to be yourself when you’re together

It’s not easy to find someone you can truly be yourself around. If you’ve found them, keep them as long as you can. People who have the freedom to express themselves in a relationship have won the love lottery. Isn’t it amazing to be loved and appreciated for what you are, rather than for what someone wants you to be?

10. You grow together

In a strong relationship, you two constantly build each other up. You motivate one another to become the best version of yourselves. And you do it together. There is nothing greater than a couple that grows and reaches goals together. Not only you improve yourselves, but you also serve as a good example for others to reevaluate their relationships and make them stronger.

11. You support each other

You are each others biggest fans. You laugh together, you grow together, and you truly appreciate one another. When one of you has something important ahead, the other roots for them, and cheers them on. This is what strong relationships should always be like.

12. You respect each other’s privacy

Everyone needs some time alone every now and then. In a strong relationship, you have this time, and no one is judging you how long you take to recharge. Both of you understand how important your privacy is, and you respect your alone time.

13. You surprise each other

After all this time together, you still know how to surprise each other. Not only it’s fun and joyful, but it also means that you still care about each other. You know what to do to make your partner smile, and this is the sweetest thing ever. After all, despite some might try to disagree, everyone loves surprises. Good ones, of course.

14. You can trust each other

Any relationship should be built upon trust. You should be able to count on your partner, no matter what. It doesn’t mean you should have a ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ type of relationship. You just need to be honest with one another, and to have each other’s backs if needed. This way you’re going to be sure that whatever happens, you are going to stay together. Always.

15. Above all, you are good friends

To love someone means first to be their friend. Don’t put the romance aside, but be sure that you are a good friend to your partner too. Listen to their problems, share your thoughts, go on adventures together. Never lose this bond you have. Sometimes friendships last longer than love.

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