5 words you must remember to keep your relationship strong

А strong relationship doesn’t just happen overnight.

It needs to be worked on and cared for over many years and hardships.

It is created out of mutual respect and affection. People in strong relationships have them because each person puts their partner’s needs and happiness over their own. They take the necessary time to learn about each other’s needs. They respect the boundaries they have set for each other. They share their lives by doing things as a couple and spending time together. They laugh at things and at each other.

And there are five things, five words that encapsulate the meaning of a strong relationship with your partner.

1. Live

You have to give each other the opportunity to live individual as well as shared lives. Understand that both of you are still individual human beings, despite being in a relationship. You still need to have your personal goals and aspirations. You can only evolve into something greater if you come to terms with this. Only when your individual goals begin merging with your relationship goals will your relationship become easier for both of you. You are developing a much deeper connection because you have managed to blur the lines between the individual and the couple. Two souls must become one.

2. Learn

Learn what works and doesn’t work for your partner; the little things they like, hate or love. Spending time with your significant other will help you learn some of these things in a natural way through your interactions with them. About specific things, you need to ask questions in order to delve deeper to uncover the hidden meanings behind some of their behaviors. If you make a good effort to understand your partner, then you can see their side in an argument and truly get where they’re coming from. The things they do or say aren’t born on the spot but are a logical progression stemming from their personal history, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

3. Laugh

You ought to have a great time filled with regular laughter. You should be able to effortlessly find joy in each other’s company. Sure, there will also be room for sadness, however, despite the world’s harsh realities, you must be able to find a source of joy in each other. Go on adventures together. Make everyone see how amazing you are as a couple. Find ways to amuse each other. Be the brightness in each other’s lives. The most successful couples are able to survive any emergency together because they always keep a positive outlook despite all troubles.

4. Boundaries

Every relationship has boundaries that should not be crossed. Learning where and why these boundaries have been set up is crucial for a long-term relationship. Couples who have strong relationships are aware of their partner’s boundaries and respect them by not trespassing. Honoring each other’s personal space is an extension of your love and respect for your partner.

5. Love

Most important of all, love each other with all your heart. You should not hesitate to shower each other with affection. Be deeply intimate and search for meaning in all your shared experiences. Value each moment that you share as a couple and waste nothing. Be each other’s pillars of support to rely on when times get rough. Your love is strong enough to overcome everything in the world.

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