11 Personality Traits That Reveal Someone Might Be A Narcissist

These individuals are self-centered, egotistic and deprived of compassion. There even exists a mental condition called NPD. It consists of a distorted idea about their personality plus traits such as:

  • an unrealistic sense of one self-importance
  • a desire for having everyone else’s approval
  • feeling superior
  • lack of understanding for other people’s feelings and needs
  • extreme sense of self-worth
  • get irritated easily

And the worst part is that they hide their true self by exhibiting a false personality. By doing that they can manipulate and make others do what they want.

So to prevent you from falling victim to a narcissist, we’ve outlined some of their worst traits:

1. Seek perfection

Narcissists seek perfection and won’t accept anything less than perfect according to their narcissistic point of view. But here’s one big problem that comes their way. If anyone outshines them the narcissist will probably get jealous and envious. That is one of the reasons why narcissists can’t build real friendships and relationships. They require people to be as good as they think they are which means perfect. But if someone is that good the narcissist might start doubting their own worth.

2. Can’t act empathetically

Narcissists lack compassion and are hardly ever able to empathize with others. They are too focused on their own self to be able to understand what other people are through. Further, they want others to think and act the same way as them and consider all different opinions unworthy. They are also rarely regretful, cannot forgive, and never feel guitly for their (bad) actions.

3. It’s not his/her fault

Narcissists want to control others but are hardly ever able to admit their fault or accept the responsibility for their actions. When things aren’t going as they’ve planned or realize they’ve made a mistake, the narcissist puts all the blame and guilt on someone else. If however, the narcissist succeeds in fulfilling their goals they will proudly brag about their success.

4. They’re vindicitve

Vindictiveness is a strong desire to get back at someone. Individuals who crave revenge are full of vindictiveness. And narcissists make no difference. As narcissists pretend to be perfect and super confident they cannot handle criticism or insults. If someone hurts them they probably won’t forget and will revenge.

5. Want to be winners

In their opinion, there are always winners and losers. The narcissist wants to be a winner. They just have to feel superior, to dominate. To achieve that they seek opponents everywhere. Their desire to be on top means they can’t feel happy about others people’s accomplishments.

6. Addictions

When people are high they often feel untouchable and amazing. That is also what narcissists desperately desire. Here’s why very often they get addicted to different things. Shopping, drugs, alcohol anything that could satisfy their constant need to feel as if they’re the best. However, when the drug’s effect weakens, they could feel ashamed. So to suppress this unpleasant feeling they will most probably turn to the drug again.

7. They’re special

Working to achieve goals and be glad about success is normal. Believing that you are outstanding and deserve an effortless success is a type of grandiosity expected from a narcissist. These guys believe they belong to a special group that is predestined to get only the best in life.

8. Manipulate

Narcissists can make you feel important. But it’s manipulation. The appreciation they show is a part of their wicked plan: they expect that others will do something in return to pay back for their approval. If this is not the case they’ll end the contact with the person.

9. They are materialistic

Not everyone who has a high social status is a narcissist. But many materialistic people are. One of the most telltale signs of narcissism is the desire to brag about their wealthiness.

10. Bad past experiences

If this person has a long list of bad experiences in personal and professional life he/she might be a narcissist. These people could destroy other people, families and even companies with their manipulative behavior. That’s why if your partner or friend has many failed relationships and they blame the other person it could be a red flag.

11. Can’t take refusals

Narcissists can’t understand where they have to stop. They are like little kids. They think that everything is allowed and that everyone shares their worldview. They will surely feel offended and very irritated if someone refuses them anything. If a narcissist craves something, they’ll do the impossible to get it.

If most of or all of these behaviors ring a bell for you it’s high time you thought about your relationship with the person who exhibits them.

Unfortunately, it might turn out you’re dealing with a narcissist and that is dangerous.

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