Only The People Who Are Unhappy With Themselves Are Mean to Others

When someone bullies you, it is often because they are deeply insecure.

If someone is purposely mean to you, it is not your fault. Although you will most likely take things personally, the truth is that the bully is deeply insecure and most likely feels threatened by you. Bullies enjoy hurting others because it makes them feel better about themselves. In other words, despite what you may feel or think, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

There are 4 reasons why someone being mean is not your fault

1. They have low self-esteem

When someone lacks confidence in themselves, their worth, and their abilities, they try to tear others down. By causing you pain and pointing out your flaws, they make themselves feel superior. Therefore, when someone tries to diminish your accomplishments, they are not doing it because they dislike you. On the contrary, they are doing it because they feel threatened by you. By shedding light on your shortcomings, they try to convince themselves that you are not better than them.

2. They are miserable

Looking around and seeing other people happy makes a bully feel miserable. They ask themselves why they cannot have what you have and how come everyone but them seems to be satisfied with their lives. Instead of working on improving themselves, they would rather tear others down and make them feel as unhappy as they are.

3. They never see the good in things 

People who are pessimistic and unhappy will never compliment you or treat you with kindness. They will discourage you from following your dreams and they will point out your weaknesses solely because they cannot see the good in people. They are cynical and incapable of seeing the positive things in life.

4. They are angry

People who struggle with anger issues do not know how to control their temper. This means that they often say things they do not mean and hurt the people around them even when they do not want to. The only way they can fix this is by seeking help and treating their anger issues.

Although their words can hurt, you need to remember that the things they say and do are not your fault. Instead of taking things personally, talk to this person and let them know how they make you feel. If they fail to show understanding, set boundaries and distance yourself. You deserve to be surrounded by people who see the good in you.

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