5 reasons why old fashioned, modern day women prefer chivalrous men

I’m a modern-day woman with an old fashioned heart and honestly, I prefer dating in the old fashioned way, you know, the way your gran told you it went back in her day.

Many of my close friends share the same opinion as me on this subject. We are modern-day independent women who enjoy the freedom our independence brings us but deep down we all crave a kind, good-hearted, respectful man who will love us whole-heartedly to be by our side. A true gentleman, one who will make our hearts melt with his genuine chivalrous essence.

And no, chivalry is not dead, I know a few men who are true gentlemen at heart and still believe in love, the old fashioned kind of love.

This is why we are so attracted to them:

1. They have good manners

In simple terms, they are kind, polite and respectful to all people. They pull out chairs for you, give up their seat to people who look in need of one, they hold the door for you, allowing you to walk first and they give you their coat when you’re cold. Now I’m not saying we can’t do this for ourselves or that we’re incapable, we just love simple yet thoughtful, kind gestures.

2. They take you on a real date 

They don’t follow the new age dating rules, they ask you in person to have dinner. There’s no hiding behind cell phones and computers it’s one on one contact and connection, the old fashioned way. If he fancy’s you he will let you know and won’t be afraid to show it.

3. They don’t chase for the thrill, they court woman

This means that they don’t look for a partner just to indulge in a casual hookup, they court, meaning they seek a true and genuine connection with the intention of committing and making the relationship a long and fruitful one.

4. They don’t expect sex on the first date 

don't expect sex on the first date

In today’s hookup culture sex on the first date is a pretty normal thing. However, to the old fashioned gentleman at heart, sex on the first date not only confuses things, but it also leaves very little excitement for the future. They don’t see women as objects to simply enjoy, they see us as interesting individuals and make an effort to get to know us before thinking about getting into bed with us.

5. They care about us

He knows that above all you are a strong independent woman who has opinions and beliefs, he also respects and values this and above all, they show their care by always being there and having your back.

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