No, you’re not crazy! You’re a highly sensitive person, and you need to embrace it!

What is a highly sensitive person (HSP)?

Are you often told that you are overly emotional? Do you get easily affected by people’s words and actions? Do books and films make you cry? If so, you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP). While people may think that you are overly emotional, you might just be wired differently. Taking this further, highly sensitive people actually experience the world differently. According to Jenn Granneman, HSPs are born with a biological difference which makes them more aware of subtleties. Furthermore, it allows them to process information on a deeper level. As a result, they tend to be empathetic, sensitive, and creative. Subsequently, this also inevitably means that they get stressed and overwhelmed more easily.

HSPs are also sensitive to external, physical stimuli. 

It is interesting to note that HSPs are not only characterized by their sensitivity to people’s words and actions. They are also sensitive to physical stimuli that affect the senses. That is, they exhibit high levels of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) and this means that they are hypersensitive to external stimuli and have high emotional reactivity.

While it is true that being an HSP can be difficult, there are various benefits to being highly sensitive.

1. HSPs are empathetic.

It is extremely difficult for an HSP to walk away if they see that someone is going through a hard time. They get easily invested, care deeply, and do their best to lend a helping hand.

2. HSPs care about animals.

As a result of their sensitivity, they care deeply about animals and how they are treated. They love nature and are likely to have pets.

3. HSPs are genuine and honest.

HSPs do not feign interest in things that they do not like. Moreover, they find it difficult to do so because they are genuine and honest. They would rather spend their time doing something which makes them feel like they have a purpose.

4. HSPs prefer meaningful conversations.

Highly sensitive people would much rather talk about deep and meaningful things instead of having small talk.

5. They are good at solving problems. 

Because of their ability to process information more deeply, HSPs are good at seeing things from a different perspective. As a result, they are usually good at resolving problems and finding solutions to difficult issues.

Embrace your sensitivity.

There is nothing wrong with being a highly sensitive person. While being sensitive to internal and external stimuli can be difficult and overwhelming, there is a lot that you should be proud of. Not everyone is as empathetic, caring, and creative as an HSP.

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