What Are The 5 Most Vital Things Introverts Need To Be Happy?

While extroverts are more outgoing and find comfort in socializing with large groups of people, introverts tend to mostly enjoy having a meaningful conversation with a close friend, and find big scale socializing emotionally draining.

And since introverts and extroverts have vastly different personality traits, they also strive for happiness in different ways.

Here Are 5 Important Things Every Introvert Needs To Feel Happy

1. Meaningful Conversations

Small talk is one of the main things introverts dread experiencing. This is a skill many of us have found ourselves forced to learn.

We need something deeper: “What have you learned from the latest book you’ve read?”, “How much do you think you have changed in ten years?” “Do you think we’re alone in the universe?”

That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy hearing about how your day went. But we are generally turned on by
soulful, intelligent conversations that can challenge our brains and expand our horizons of knowledge.

2. Space for hobbies, interests, creativity, and meaning in the workplace

This is a very important one.

Painting, writing, photography, science, cinema, and more. We introverts need the time and space to immerse ourselves in creative thinking. This helps us get in touch with our deeper selves and thus acquire a state of “flow”. The psychological concept of “flow” was coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and it translates as being truly immersed in the activity of our choice.

Additionally, no matter the difficulty, introverts need to feel they are part of something emotionally meaningful in the workplace. Hence you are most likely to find introverts doing work which entails some form of creative thinking.

Without being able to indulge in creativity, introverts can find themselves feeling smothered and mentally imprisoned.

3. Independence

Introverts are more suited to let their minds and inner abilities guide them than following the crowd.
We do our best work when we are let to think and explore new ideas independently. Some of the greatest minds in history have been independent introverts. Who knows what world we would live in today without their contributions.

4. Understanding, and emphatic friends and family

As introverts, we have a tendency to get very moody every once in a while. Having relatives and friends who understand us and won’t judge us for our, at times, reclusive behavior is a gift any introvert would wish for.

Don’t judge us too harshly if sometimes we cancel an invitation to a party or prefer to keep to ourselves on a sunny day. It’s not you, we just need to be alone in our heads from time to time.

5. Time to unwind and recharge

After a long day of spending time or working with others, it’s essential for introverts to lay back and recharge their emotional battery packs. Whether this involves reading a good book, having a long bath, meditating or idly laying in bed, we need to gather new energy in order to socialize effectively the next day.

As a closing, here is an inspirational quote from the person who popularized Extrоversion and Introversion as psychological terms:

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

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