Not Extrovert Nor Introvert? Maybe You’re An Ambivert

We’ve all heard it: “I’m an extrovert!” squeals one friend. “I’m such an introvert,” says another.

But what about those of us who don’t seem to fit into either category and rather just kind of drift in the spaces in between?

Maybe you are an Ambivert.

A new term, sure, but it is possible. Read on for some sure signs that you fit this mold – or rather don’t fit anyone else’s.

1. Some days people can’t shut you up, the next day you are quietly withdrawn.
2. You have a playful side, and a solemn one.

3. It’s easy for you to meet new people, but trust is earned.
4. You get nervous with too much attention, but don’t feel heard if you don’t get enough.

5. You’d rather watch social media from afar, so you can still be a part of it – but don’t have to get your hands dirty.
6. Your friends may describe you as the most flexible and mold-able person they know because you kind of see every side.

7. You’re super indecisive and sometimes make decisions over and over again.
8. The day is never wasted, because you can find a common ground with anyone.

9. You don’t care if you sit at home and read a book, or go dance all night at the club. Either works for you.
10. You’re a wise sage that everyone looks to for advice – because you’re so balanced.

11. Your friends freeze when asked if you are an introvert or an extrovert. You don’t even know, so how could they?
12. Sometimes you aren’t riding the same wave as your friends, and they get irritated because they don’t understand you.

13. Animals tend to love you because they know you carry a lot of different energies.
14. You’d rather just get a project done than worry about whether or not you do it alone or with a team.

15. You’re even keel, but sometimes stuff your emotions aside because you don’t deal with them like everyone else.
16. If someone talks to you, you will gladly chat them up for hours but sometimes aren’t the one to make the first move in conversation.

17. You enjoy the energy of being around people, but don’t get too attached to always having to be.
18. Your life is boiled down to one word: Balance.

19. Enjoyment is the name of the game for you – and you use a variety of techniques to make sure you are always enjoying yourself.
20. You don’t need anyone to tell you you’re an Ambivert – because you’ve always known you were special!

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