How Your Life Will Change When You Meet Your Dream Girl

Many of us have not had the good fortune of meeting the man or woman of our dreams.

However, we need to be prepared and able to recognize true love when it comes our way because we might not encounter it again. There are certain magical things that will happen to you only when you make a true connection with your soulmate.

Here are 5 things that will happen to your mind and spirit when you meet your dream girl

1. You will listen to her closely

Generally, women are perceived to be much better listeners than men, due to men’s tendency to only focus on things they are truly interested in. So when you find yourself actively listening to even the most simple things she says, you will know you’re under her spell.

2. You will show vulnerability

Being men, we are generally careful to show signs that could be perceived as a weakness. When we fall in love, we drop this shield of protection – and we don’t care. We feel much more comfortable in showing felt or acted vulnerability, especially if we’re with the one and only.

3. You will see perfection in her flaws

Maybe she takes ages under the shower, constantly moves your stuff around without mentioning where to, or one of her eyes is bigger than the other (hopefully that won’t be the case for you but you never know), you will cherish and love her even on her worst days.

4. The power of your feelings will astound you

As time goes on your attraction to her will keep on growing. You’re going to feel totally and fully satisfied in every way, and you’ll never feel the need to look at another woman, even if she’s your type.

5. You’ll want to protect your relationship at any cost

Finding true love will be the best thing in your life. Regardless of what your single friends might say about you “losing your freedom”, you will easily brush it off because you know that what you have and what you feel cannot be traded for anything.

Never take her for granted, the stakes are too high. Always prove your worth to her and never let go because there is only one like her.

Final quote from Brian Adams’ – Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

“To really love a woman

Let her hold you

‘Til ya know how she needs to be touched

You’ve gotta breathe her really taste her

‘Til you can feel her in your blood

And when you can see your unborn children in her eyes

You know ya really love a woman”


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