Making mistakes is just part of being human, but only people with high integrity own up to them

Integrity is one of the most valuable qualities a person can have.

It means being fearless and confident to protect what you have. It means having good morals and being able to defend what you stand for. It means being honest no matter the situation, and doing what is right even when there’s no one else around to support you.

Integrity is a characteristic only a few genuine people are gifted with.

People are normally born that way. Nevertheless, integrity can also be developed, as can most things. And the most solid way to develop it is to find yourself in a situation where you feel painfully uncomfortable with what you have done.

Here are 10 positive traits those special people possess. May they be known to all of us.

1. They are respectful of other people’s schedule

They are aware that people have important responsibilities; hence, they are considerate of their time. They know how important people’s boundaries are because, after all, that is how they prefer to be treated themselves.

2. They never take credit for other people’s work

People with integrity will never claim credit for something they did not do. The people who put in all the work are the only ones deserving of credit.

Taking credit for the work of others is something they would never want to be a part of. They view it as a petty act of self-centeredness.

3. They are genuine

People who make an effort to live righteous lives are the most genuine and honest human beings. They are not the ones who would tell you one thing and do the opposite when you are not looking.

These rare specimens will never put on a mask. They will always show you who they are, whether you like it or not.

4. They will tell you the truth

Be sure that they will not feel the need to lie to you. They are fully aware of the fact that a lie does not have a long life, and at one point or another, it will be out for everyone to see.

No matter what they have to say, they will say it to your face. So get ready for a sometimes painful truth.

5. They see the intrinsic value and goodness of others

People with integrity view the world through a warm lens and honestly believe in the goodness of others. And although we live in a world surrounded by evil, they always look for kindness inside the souls of other people.

6. They don’t sweat the small stuff

You will never see them angrily argue with people over petty things. Because they would rather settle their disputes in a civilized way.

They believe that fighting is a reactionary emotion and negativity is something they just won’t settle for.

7. They have a powerful intuition

They have the ability to understand when a person is tormented by something. Whether it is sadness or a feeling of not belonging, they will always notice.

Furthermore, they will always look out for you. They will do anything just to cheer you up and revive you from your sadness.

8. They are incredibly humble

Although they know their own worth, people with integrity are some of the most humble individuals on the planet. Because being humble is the best marker for being an outstanding human being.

9. They are always there to help

Love and kindness are the only things that spread around when given. That is the reason why people with integrity live by a special rule:

In a world of pain and struggle, choose to be kind. Because kindness can unlock every door and stop conflicts. It has the power to transform the world, starting with us.

10. They know when an apology is due

If they made a mistake, they will not think twice before apologizing. They are not afraid to say sorry. It is not below them to admit to their mistakes.

People with integrity know that we all make mistakes. But the most crucial thing is to be able to admit to them and make amends with the person who was hurt.

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