Loving An Introvert Can Be Complicated But Worth It In The End

What makes an introvert attractive?

Mysterious is one of the attributes many people find fascinating about introverts. Despite such a trait carrying a certain level of attractiveness, dating an introvert is sometimes misconstrued as a burdensome task.

For an extrovert, the quiet nature of the introvert can seem like a big warning sign. After all, where’s the fun in being a recluse?

However, there are perks for dating an introvert, every extrovert should consider.

They are good listeners

Sometimes you don’t need words of wisdom but a shoulder to lean on and person to hear and understand your deepest concerns. A loving introvert can have a healing and calming effect on you when you most need it. What can be better than having someone who understands and knows how to respond to you in desperate times?

They will support you no matter what

A loving introvert will never leave you in glooms. He or she will encourage and support you in every aspect of your life. An introvert partner will never leave you to drown no matter the situation, never leave you to face the darkness in your life on your own. They will ground the restless part in you and calm you when you most need it.

They are attentive and thoughtful

Introverts always think carefully before acting in a situation. Arguments with them will be more like a heated discussion over a certain topic. Instead of yelling at you, they will calmly make their point.
When you are part of an introvert’s life you will have their full attention. Something you can be sure of is that you’ll never be taken for granted. You are one of the few people they feel comfortable with, and they will focus all their energy towards you.

They are loyal – You’ll be the only one

Introverts tend to be more loyal. They’re usually one person people who are wholeheartedly dedicated in a relationship. The thought of cheating will never occur to them, and that is the biggest perk you can enjoy, especially since changing partners these days is as easy as changing clothes. And even though they might get possessive at times, they will not mess with your personal space. They will keep their cool and adjust to your needs.

They are unpredictable

The introvert’s mind is filled with daydreams and surprising thoughts. You cannot hope to guess what’s in their mind and what they are up to. They will always figure out ways to surprise you thanks to their creative nature. They will act silly around you and take your hand to dance (when no one is watching of course), and there will be a hint of unpredictability when they get comfortable with you.

Despite their vast differences in personality, extraverts and introverts can achieve a state of bliss by completing and learning from each other. As suggested by the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, Heraclitus and his dialectic theory of TheUnity of Opposites, or by the Chinese Philosophical concept of Ying and Yang, two opposing forces can complement one another to reach the perfect balance of positive strength.

For an extravert-introvert relationship to work, sacrifices on both sides will need to be made. But don’t worry, it will be worth it in the end.

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