Being an Introverted Extrovert

In between Introverts and Extroverts, There’s A Paradox Term Now Being Used Called “Extroverted Introvert”. 10 Signs That Show What It Means To Be One.

Have you ever gone out for a night or weekend, and when you get back you feel the need to isolate yourself from the world for a while so that you can be alone with yourself and recharge. However when you’re done recharging you’re ready to go out and party the night away?

If this sounds familiar to you, you might be what people are now calling an “introverted extrovert”.

This is an interesting term because for years my friends would call me the extroverted one in the group but deep down I couldn’t resonate with that. I always thought, “Hmm, maybe I’m an introvert because I also love my alone time”, although I couldn’t be an introvert because I enjoy socializing too much, but then again I enjoy my alone time too. So what bracket do I fall in!? One moment I’m the life of the party and the next moment I have friends knocking at my door checking in on me because I’ve switched my phone off for two or three days.

One day I had someone make a comment about my nature and they used the term, “introverted extrovert”.

This was super surprising to me as I’d never heard it before so I did some research and the findings were spot on! The funny thing is, many of us don’t even know we’re one!

If this paradox is sounding more and more like something you’ve been experiencing,

I’d suggest you check out and note the interesting, and somewhat peculiar characteristics introverted extroverts possess:

1. As mentioned before, sometimes we choose not to answer calls and texts.

It’s not because you annoy us or we’re mad at you, it’s because when we go into “hibernate recharge mode” all we really need is to be alone, that’s all.

2. Going out can be fun and exhausting all at the same time, so that’s why we prefer going out with close mates rather than people we don’t know.

3. Yes, we love socializing, however that doesn’t mean we always need to talk.

Sometimes mundane conversations are the reason we feel the need to go into extreme hibernation mode. We love socializing and engaging in conversation, but with the right people.

4. One thing we need most is love and understanding from our friends and loved ones.

Hibernation may last a couple of weeks and it may not. We often get caught in between being lonely, needing to recharge and needing to be with or around people. Its confusing as hell, so please be patient.

5. There may be times when you will have to bend over backwards to convince us to go out but when you succeed we end up having a really great time.

However, not without sudden internal dilemmas between, “I should be at home sleeping” and “One more tequila”. Eventually, both sides of the coin are fulfilled.

6. Sometimes we’re the life of the party and sometimes we aren’t, it all depends on our mood.  

7. We tend to live in our minds and thought processes way more than we let you know.

Yes, we are lively, bubbly and cheerful but deep down we have a million thoughts racing through our head.  

8. We hate small talk.

There is literally nothing more soul-crushing than small talk. In our minds we’d rather not have met you. When we engage, it must be interesting, informative and moving, if not then you can swiftly and quietly move along.

9. We often get mistaken for flirting when in actual fact we are just being sincere and real.

We’re friendly people by nature so when we socialize we do it properly, not half-heartedly. Socializing, just as hibernating and recharging is an important part of our lives and we prefer to be real when do it. If If we enjoy you we will give you our undivided attention.

10. If we like you we will be open and sincere about it.

Meeting people on the same vibration as us is like winning the jackpot!We enjoy hanging out with people who understand us.

So to conclude; now we have a name for the weird but wonderful paradox we’ve been experiencing. It’s like a breath of fresh air knowing that the much needed alone time after socializing is perfectly normal, and vital if we are to continue being our out there, lively, happy selves. So when you’re out, enjoy every moment, give it horns and when you’re done, take as much time as needed to recharge and look after yourself.

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