Love requires sacrifices – whatever it takes, never give up on it

Love should taste sweet. Not bitter.

It should make you feel wonderful. It should make you go through experiences you’ve never had before. Reach states you never knew existed. Fall into a heavenly feeling of serenity.

Love should help you bring forth the best in you. It should push you to open yourself up and begin seeing the world through the lens of your heart.

But it also requires a lot of sacrifices and effort to be sustained.

Strong relationships don’t just appear out of nothing.

When you’re in love, you fight with every fiber of your being to shield what you have from harm.

You put up with things that you hardly find enjoyable. You make compromises and sacrifices to keep the relationship intact. You accept changes because there is no other way forward.

You don’t just abandon your partner whenever you go through a heated argument.  You cannot pretend to fully love a person, and then run off whenever it feels uncomfortable. That is not how it works.

You either stick through it together, hold hands and bravely walk through the storms, or you don’t start the journey in the first place.

Love cannot always be warmth and hugs, carefree mornings and cozy nights.

There will be suffering, there will be anger, drama, fights, and many tears. And if you two truly love each other, you will do whatever it takes to push through those tough times.

Because when you love a person with all you have, you don’t allow yourself to give up at the first sign of uncertainty. You don’t throw away everything that you’ve built together over a silly disagreement. You don’t let your relationship die over something that can be fixed, no matter how much effort it may take.

When true love has found its way into your life, you don’t let it go. You sit down and talk it through until you are both satisfied.

You argue, you shout, you weep, but you never give up. You give your partner the benefit of the doubt. You share your viewpoints. You make compromises. You think of all the things you two could do to save your relationship and make it better. You talk until the sun rises and the night falls again.

But no matter what happens, you never give up without a fight.

Not if you truly care.

Because when you love someone with all your heart, you stick with them through thick and thin.

You don’t just appear only when it’s convenient for you. You don’t hold their hand when everything is pink and then leave them when they are at their most vulnerable and low point. You never disappear when they need you and reappear when you need them.

When you truly love a person, you don’t let them go through life feeling alone. Whether they hurt or are happy, you are always there to hold them and assure them it will all be well.  

You don’t allow them to suffer on their own. You are in it together.

Because when you are truly in love, you have faith that whatever you may go through, as long as you hold on to each other, you can survive it.

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