Life isn’t only about finding your true soulmate. It’s more about finding yourself.

Ever since we were little, fairy tales have been teaching us that finding true love and getting married is the culmination of our lives.

But is that all?

Is being a part of a couple the most significant thing we could do with our lives?

Sometimes, it almost feels like society is pressuring us into getting married and starting a family, even when we’re not completely ready for such a tremendous step in our lives. We’re following a pattern our parents followed from their parents and so on. But who says marriage and family life is for everyone? And who says getting married is the one most valuable thing in the world?

Of course, love is beautiful, magical, and breathtaking. It is undoubtedly the most wonderful thing one could ever feel. Its power is undeniable.

However, life isn’t only about finding your soulmate and walking down the aisle.

There is so much more to one’s existence than just reflecting on society’s standards.

Settling down can be amazing, but it isn’t all that life is about. Most importantly, life shouldn’t be lived with the sole reason for surviving. Therefore, simply inhabiting your comfort zone until the rest of your life will never bring something exceptional and outstanding to you. Is a calm, yet monotonous and mundane lifestyle what you truly want?

Don’t you want to chase your dreams and see them become a reality?

Don’t you want to see yourself succeeding and winning in life? Doesn’t your heart want to fly high and go after the things that make you feel alive? Well, if you truly wish to live your life to the fullest, and catch every beautiful moment of it, you would need to step out of your pretty little comfort zone and face the world as it is.

You need to stop letting society predetermine every step you take. Moreover, you need to take the wheel and become the master of your own fate. You need to go out there and start chasing what’s meant to be yours. Your dreams, your goals, the things on that bucket list you’ve been meaning to write down for a while now, all of this is waiting for you to wake up and realize that you are in control of your life. Face your fears and turn them into ashes. Crush your insecurities and become fearless.

And if getting married is a dream of yours, and would be a remarkable milestone in your life, then go for it. But don’t do it just because everyone tells you to do so. Do it because deep down in your soul you know this is the right thing.

Meanwhile, listen to your intuition and follow your heart wherever it takes you.

Break your boundaries if you have to. Because this will help you gather the strength and the courage to fly high and chase the most thrilling adventures and experiences that will make your life exceptional. As long as you open your mind and your soul to what’s truly significant in this world, you will finally find the secret to pure happiness.

Life will never be only about peacefully existing in your little safe bubble. Its essence is not built on comfort zones and surviving instincts. It’s about chasing the thrill, following your heart, and doing things that make you feel alive and wholesome. It’s about having the freedom to make choices predetermined only by yourself. Live is about truly living, not just existing. Let that sink in.

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