A Letter To The Person Who Gave Their Heart To Someone Who Didn’t Deserve It

This is for men and women alike; if you have ever given your heart to someone that didn’t deserve it, then this is for you, my friend…

First of all, you’re not stupid, and you’re not weak, you’re completely the opposite. You are brave and you are strong – you walked through hell fire for them and you survived.

Your love is unique, there’s nothing quite like it. You love unconditionally you’re aware of all the hurt and evil in the world and still, you choose to see the goodness in people, even the mean and horrible ones, and this is why you are so special, this is why I salute you.

I salute you because you’re a survivor. Despite all odds, here you are, more you than ever before.

I salute you for giving them your all when they didn’t do anything to prove that they deserved it. I salute you for believing in them.

I salute you for investing all your time and energy into the relationship, even though they didn’t reciprocate.

I salute you for making them your priority even though you were not theirs. There were times where you felt like nothing but a convenience to them, and still you chose to give them love. Again, I salute you.

You deserved to be given the love and attention you were giving, but because of their selfishness you were left void of it. I’m here to tell you that you deserve the world, and nothing less. 

Some people crumble in relationships where they are not being loved, but not you – you are made of love, and that is why you were able to continue loving in a loveless relationship.

You see the void in people and want to fill it with love.

You expect nothing in return except to be acknowledged and this is why I salute you.

I salute you for staying, even when all they did was push you away – for its in those times when you really needed them.

I salute you for always forgiving and for giving them a second and third chance, especially when they didn’t deserve it.

Please don’t ever feel weak or stupid for allowing them to take you for granted.

They are the people who need warriors like you to remind them what true love feels like. 

I salute you for having keeping a positive mindset n the darkest of times and for keeping your head up, even when it felt like you were going to drown.

I salute you for believing in love and the power it has. You know that love has the power to transform anything it comes in contact with, including the people who seem to be unable to experience or give love in return.

I can imagine how hard it must have been for you to finally make the decision to leave and start giving yourself the love and attention you so selflessly gave to them. This is why I salute you, you had the courage to do so, this is why you are strong. Your heart is made of gold and even though you were broken down into tiny pieces you still shine like the night sky, full of stars.

I salute you for not allowing them to destroy your light.

Your willingness to move on and heal the wounds caused by loving a broken person is what makes you such an inspiration to all those who are struggling to make that decision.

I salute and admire you because it takes a lot of effort to continue loving in a relationship where the love is not being returned. It also takes courage to leave the person you love, to forgive them, to heal the wounds and to not let the way they treated you taint you in anyway.

I am here to tell you that you are one of a kind and the world needs more people like you! 

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