How the Law of Attraction Actually Works, and How to Put it To Use in Your Life

How the Law of Attraction Actually Works, and How to Put it To Use in Your Life

I will admit it: when I first heard of the “Law of Attraction”, I thought it might have something to do with how you dressed or acted in social settings around the opposite sex.

Honest mistake, right? In reality, the Law of Attraction is actually a fundamental change in the way that you think. Basically, the Law of Attraction states that if you focus on what you want to happen in life, instead of focusing on what you don’t want to happen, you are more likely to achieve what it is that you want. That’s about as simple of an explanation for a very complex theory as I can give.

So, let’s talk about an example. Let’s say you’re in school, and you’re signing up for a class that you know is going to be tough. Our typical thought process includes things like:
“I hope I don’t fail this class.”

“I hope I don’t fail this class.”
“What do I have to do to not fail?”
“What will happen if I fail?”

By focusing on the potential negative outcomes, you are attracting it. In this scenario, the problem is that the thought of failure exists at all. The Law of Attraction is all about what you are choosing to focus on. instead of worrying about what happens in the event of failure, you focus on what happens when you succeed.

Turning “what if things go wrong?” into “what happens when things go right?” is a fundamental shift in our subconscious thinking. One that can literally change your life. Making this shift doesn’t feel natural. In fact, it goes against the way that 99% of us think. Check out the following video from Leo of

It is one of the best videos I have ever seen about The Laws of Attraction, and more importantly, how to put it to use in your life. It’s powerful stuff.

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