Know your worth: Good men don’t abuse their loved ones. They protect them

When you fall in love, you fall deep.

Your genuine soul knows no other way.

But if that love brings you nothing but pain, is it a love worth fighting for? 

You have a heart of gold and a childlike mind that always seeks the good in others. Unfortunately, many people pretend to be kind and are toxic instead. At first, they treat you wonderfully. They shower you with compliments, they remember the tiny details that matter to you, and they make sure you always have a beaming smile on your face.

However, as soon as they see you have fallen deeply for their lies, they entirely change their behavior. All the flattering words turn into toxic criticism. The little details they used to love about you convert into things they disgrace you for. The shining smile you once had becomes a long-forgotten memory. But even after all that abuse, you choose to stay.

It might seem easier to settle for someone toxic, but it is much braver to stand up for the love you deserve.

There is something many people fail to understand throughout their whole lives. Love does not hurt. However, loving the wrong person does.

If your partner is manipulative, self-absorbed, unwilling to consider your feelings, then they cannot sincerely love you. They might be telling you they do, but if their words don’t match their actions, you need to be alert that their true intentions might not be as pure as they say.

No matter how much you care for this person, they don’t have the right to treat your feelings as a playground. The emotional damage their toxicity is causing you has nothing to do with love. Once you realize that, you will be mentally prepared to move on without feeling guilty for giving up on a doomed relationship.

Letting go of a toxic partner is not selfish. It’s necessary!

Never forget that there is nothing wrong with leaving an abusive partner. If your significant other treats you with disrespect, fails to appreciate you for who you are, and constantly makes you feel horrible about yourself, it is time to go.

While sustaining a positive attitude by always seeking the good in others can be beneficial, intentionally overlooking the red flags is absolutely foolish. So, please, take off the rose-colored glasses that stand in your way of seeing your partner’s true nature. Stop closing your eyes whenever they mistreat you and “accidentally” hurt your feelings. Quit giving them second chances.

Whenever the one you think you love tries to file their unacceptable behavior as a “mistake”, remind yourself that a mistake repeated more than once becomes a decision. They have decided that your feelings are not worth their consideration. They have decided that you don’t deserve their respect. Do you still think this has anything to do with love?

Moving on will be difficult, but staying will be deadly.

If you can’t seem to find the strength within you to move on, try to recall the day before you met that toxic person. You were a powerful individual with admirable ambitions. You had the eagerness to make your wildest dreams come true. You were on your way to change the world. This purposeful human being is still here. You just have to remind yourself of who you truly are.

The moment you realize how much time and energy you have lost for loving the wrong person instead of loving yourself will be the moment you liberate yourself from their abusive influence. This realization will help you grow tremendously. Hopefully, this life-changing moment is just around the corner.

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