Listen carefully to what your partner says: 5 ‘romantic’ phrases that may be more toxic than you think

Who doesn’t love to hear: “I can’t imagine my life without you!”, from the person they love?

It sounds so romantic, and it just makes your heart melt. When you’re head over heels for someone, hearing this is like music to your ears.

But could it mean something else? Could these romantic words actually have a toxic essence?

As you may enjoy hearing sweet phrases like: “You’re the best thing that has happened to me!”, there might be a terrifying secret context behind those words.

Here are five common ‘romantic phrases’ that may have a deeper dark meaning.

1. “I love you so much more than I loved my ex.”

Comparing your current partner with your ex is just wrong. There is a reason why someone is a part of your past and not your present. Just the thought that your significant other mentions their ex while expressing their love for you is awfully triggering. This is definitely a huge red flag that shows you need to do some serious reevaluating of your relationship.

2. “No one else makes me happy but you.”

You may not see it, but these words are just drowning in toxicity. When someone says this to their partner, they are actually saying that unless they stay together, they will be miserable and devastated. The thought of being fully responsible for someone’s happiness is incredibly burdening. What’s more, it shows that the one saying it wrongfully believes love means utter codependency. This is a clear sign of their toxic intentions.

3. “I cannot live without you.”

So, what this phrase basically means is that the one saying it has no idea how to survive on their own. Moreover, they desperately need someone else to take responsibility for their happiness and their actions. They are taking advantage of their partner’s sensibility by playing the role of the victim. This way, they are stealing valuable time from their significant others, and they are selfishly using them to get the attention they need to feel validated.

4. “Wouldn’t you rather stay with me?”

When your partner questions you like this, they are obviously expressing jealousy. As they want your attention only for themselves, they might feel afraid you would rather spend time with your friends or with yourself than with them. If someone asks you this question, their behavior reveals they want to somehow control your free time and make sure you spend most of it with no one else but them. What’s more, it also indicates they are trying to manipulate you, which has nothing to do with romance, neither with love.

5. “I don’t deserve you.”

While hearing someone say they feel they are not good enough for you may sound pleasing in a way, this ego-boosting phrase has a darker meaning. It may hide extremely dangerous codependency issues. Not only these words show how insecure the person saying them is, but the phrase also puts enormous emotional pressure on their partner.

If your partner has a habit of saying such ‘romantic’ yet disturbingly toxic phrases, their only goal may be to manipulate you into staying with them whatever the cost.

Even though at some point, such attention may feel good, it reveals how unhealthy the relationship actually is.

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