7 Behaviors Of Your Partner Which Reveal They’re Toxic And You’d Better Cut Them Out Of Your Life

Toxic people are usually deprived of morals, regret, or empathy toward other human beings.

Behind their mask of false charm, lies a dishonest, manipulative, narcissistic, and cruel character. According to different scientifical research, most women whose partner turned out to be toxic fell victims to their abnormal behavior.

Here is the story of Donna who explained to us what it is to have a relationship with an emotionally unstable man.

I loved him desperately yet I knew I had to start moving on. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t! He made me fall for him and then began acting so cold and reserved; He was causing me such a pain, every day, all the time. I was feeling unhappy, lonely and betrayed and was on the verge of a breakdown!

Why did he make me love him then just abandoned me emotionally? Why didn’t he show that he cared If I were alright? Has he ever loved me? How could he be so indifferent to my feelings? Why is he hurting me and blaming me for it?!!! Is it possible that he never loved me truly?

See what her toxic partner did?

He didn’t love her, made her fall for him and then retreated from the relationship making her believe it was her fault. That’s manipulation in its purest form.

To help you avoid falling victim to such people we’ve provided a list of 7 typical behaviors of toxic partners proving you’d better cut them out of your life.

1. Fake empathy

Like mentioned above these individuals lack understanding toward the feelings of others. They, however, might try to hide this weakness by creating a false self and pretending to be empathetic while they don’t care. So to identify an emotionally unstable person you should constantly observe his/her behavior. Examine their reactions to sad stories or how they feel about causing negative consequences with their actions. If compassion lasts only for short time or they don’t show any, there’s a high chance this person is emotionally unstable.

2. Influence your opinion

These problematic people could try to make you fall for them by changing your point of view and modeling your opinion so that you think and act to serve their interests. But it’s a trap. Their only goal is to trick you into doing what they want and then most probably leave you.

3. Underestimate you

One common way of gaining control over you and then torturing you emotionally without being caught is by trying to dominate the relationship. To do that they will probably try to outshine you, underestimate your value and act disrespectfully toward you. Such individuals might discredit you in front of others (especially close ones) to show to the whole world how insignificant you are.

4. Don’t support you

A person who loves you behaves in a supportive and helpful way. If they don’t – their attitude isn’t right. That doesn’t mean he or she’s toxic but it’s likely they are. For instance, if you’re wrong and they’re mercilessly putting you down instead of being full of forgiveness it’s a red flag. Another problem might be that he/she isn’t interested in your life outside of the relationship and is not supportive when you face challenges.

5. Guilt trip you

Such individuals use manipulations such as guilt tripping to have you under control. For instance, he or she could tell a lie, and then say you’re the one who’s provoked them. They’re never wrong and accountable for the bad events in their life.

6. Flirt with others

In the beginning, they treated you as a priority but soon after that, became cold and reserved. Their attention shifted to other people and they became more interested in maintaining contacts with them. You even witnessed flirts with colleagues or friends and saw a post on social media dedicated to an ex. All this sounds as if they don’t love you anymore but such people are incapable of loving anyone at all. They are doing all this to make you doubt your self worth and place in their life. The point is that you feel less confident and come under their control more easily

7. Lie

You are being lied to for everything. They say lies and have no remorse. By behaving this way he/she aims to make you unconfident and more likely to fall under their influence. Even if you catch him/her in a lie, they’ll insist on telling you the truth and make you regret you’ve doubted their words or actions. These people always know how to justify what they’ve done and play innocent.

Being close with such an individual is dangerous as you might feel crazy, drained, upset, and unconfident. They’ll make you doubt your self worth all the time. Therefore it’s necessary to end your relationship with them.

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