If you want real love, avoid bragging about it on social media

In a social media world, filled with bloggers and people living their “perfect” lives that they proudly brag about by posting photos and stories on a daily basis, we can find ourselves losing our ability to distinguish what is fake and what is real.

But, by constantly posting photos of our lives, we may be opening the door to our privacy by allowing others in. As a result, our lives can become centered on the opinions of others. We become so obsessed with making good impressions on other people that we forget about what is truly important in life.

This way we can unknowingly be missing out on people that may be good for us.

Loyal people with pure hearts who want to find true love as much as we do.

We could be missing our chance because we are not allowing anyone to come close enough to us where they can hurt us.

We are pushing good people away by distancing ourselves emotionally because modern society has made us believe that it is the only way to survive and not be hurt.
In reality, when you start seeing someone, the process of getting to know each other should be private and intimate (not sexually).

Your opinion of other people should be solely based on your own judgment and perception without adding to what others tell you about them.

None of us are perfect. Each person has a past paved with mistakes. We have all gone through pain and heartache, but we all have our own ways of dealing with it. We are all different and we all want different things in life. That is why you should avoid seeking the approval of others and follow your heart instead.
And in terms of dating, the best way to date is in private.

Do not tell people about it until you get to know that person well enough so that you won’t make the mistake of letting others’ opinions of that person mislead you.

Trust in what you experience. And even if you happen to be wrong, at least you will know that you have tried your best and you’ll spare yourself from regrets.

Date privately because there are envious and judgmental people out there vicious enough to try and put extinguish the fire you two have started for yourselves.
A true relationship should be between two people. Period. It should not be between you, your partner and everyone on your friends list.

So, choose wisely while giving yourself the necessary time and space. And never stop listening to your heart.

Because when you date privately, your love will be loud and clear. And when you do it for everyone to see, your love could soon be silenced.

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