If you walked away from a toxic relationship, you are a true winner!

So, you’ve just walked out of a toxic relationship

You have done the impossible to save yourself from your ex’s detrimental influence. You have gone through hell to break their poisonous spell.

Sadly, instead of feeling proud of yourself, you feel miserable. Getting out of this toxic relationship drained every single drop of your energy. It made you feel completely worn down. After all the unimaginable effort you put into saving yourself, you are now on the verge of giving up. The pain you have gone through has changed the way you see the world. It has made you notice the negative side of everything around you way before seeing the good one.

But the pain has also made you stronger. You might be emotionally scarred by all the agony your ex put you through, but you are also much more independent, resilient, and fierce than you were before.

Toxic relationships, unfortunately, are something most of us have gone through or are presently dealing with.

The number of people thinking they can play with others’ feelings is too damn high these days. And perhaps the worst part is that these toxic individuals don’t even care about the ones they hurt. They just do whatever they want, failing to consider the feelings of others. As long as they get what they demand, they don’t really care about the consequences of their actions or the collateral damage.

Managing to save yourself from such a toxic being makes you invincible. The courage you gathered to stand up for yourself and defend your worth is truly astonishing. You were brave enough to put an end to a vicious cycle that did nothing but destroy your mental health. Not many people are able to let go of toxic relationships, but you did it. That’s absolutely amazing!

Setting yourself free from a toxic relationship makes you a warrior.

Instead of choosing to stay, you chose to fight. That makes you the real hero of your story.

Of course, healing from such a hurtful experience takes time. The emotional scars may never fade. But walking away from a manipulative, controlling, inconsiderate partner is a milestone worth the effort.

So, instead of beating yourself up for falling into your toxic ex’s trap in the first place, be proud of yourself for gathering the strength to move forward. Be proud because you remained true to yourself, even though it was immensely challenging at times. Be proud because you fought for what you deserve, and you won.

Yes, you won! Because leaving a toxic relationship behind makes you a winner!

In case you are still struggling with a manipulative partner, know that it is never too late to stand up for yourself. Even if you believe you love them too much to leave them, is this love worth the pain they’re causing you? Is it worth the emotional damage you’re going through? Of course, it’s not!

Love is the most powerful force of nature. It should never make you feel trapped, confused, or helpless. Instead, love should inspire you, encourage you to be the best version of yourself, motivate you to never stop moving forward. A toxic relationship can never give you this breathtaking feeling.

Life is too short to spend it with someone who disregards your feelings and takes advantage of your kindness. So, make sure the one you choose never makes you doubt their intentions.

You deserve the love you are willing to give. Anything less is a waste of your precious time.

And if you’ve just walked away from a toxic relationship – Congratulations! You won! 

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