If staying true to yourself makes you a Bitch, then own it!

People call her a bitch because she stands up for herself.

They assume she’s heartless because she refuses to put up with anyone who doesn’t meet her standards. Still, she fights for what she believes in and doesn’t stay silent when she’s being disrespected. If that makes her a bitch, she is glad to be one.

She is intelligent enough to know when someone is being toxic and needs to be cut off of her life. The moment someone crosses her boundaries, she lets them know they would never be able to make the same mistake again. She will guard her heart with all the strength she has within. 

If distancing herself from toxic people makes her a bitch, she doesn’t mind being one.

Her kind heart, her compassionate soul, and her beautiful mind are things she protects at all costs. If someone assumes they can mistreat her without facing any consequences, she will make them understand they couldn’t be more wrong. Moreover, if someone dares to speak down on her, she won’t just sit there and smile ignorantly. Instead, she will backfire, letting everyone know they have no right to disregard her. She may be patient, but her patience has its limits. 

Even if her attitude appears arrogant to some, she will never disrespect her own rules by breaking them for someone else. She doesn’t need to be everyone’s cup of tea, so she doesn’t mind having few but real friends who appreciate her integrity.

Establishing a deep emotional connection with someone requires a level of maturity that not many can live up to. She is perfectly aware of that, and that’s exactly why she keeps her circle small. To those who don’t know her, she may appear bitchy and mean, but the ones who are lucky enough to be by her side know how big her heart truly is. They know how sensitive she actually is and what cost her to realize her true self-worth. More importantly, they know exactly why she always has her guard up. 

She shows her vulnerable side only to those who deserve to see it.

She is the type of person who doesn’t reveal her sensuality until she is sure she can fully trust you. But once you have the chance to get to know her, you will understand why she is so hesitant to be vulnerable around people she doesn’t know well enough to vent to. You will see she is someone worth fighting for. Her true colors will enchant you. Her passion for life will amuse you. You will be stunned by the beauty of her mindfulness. 

Some might say she is heartless, but she has a heart of gold that’s big enough to fit the whole world. Others call her a bitch, but she has the sweetest personality you could ever come across. Those who think she’s arrogant and bossy don’t know how hard it was for her to get to the place and the mental state she is now. They have no idea how many challenges she needed to overcome to become this fierce woman she is today. 

So if not wearing her heart on her sleeve makes her a bitch, that’s okay. As long as she has a few real people beside her who love her for who she is, she doesn’t mind being called names by someone who doesn’t even know her.

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