10 things toxic people do before revealing themselves

Wouldn’t it be relieving if you had the superpower to detect when someone comes in your life with bad intentions?

If only we could identify toxic people before we get ourselves hurt…

In reality, the ones we believe have our best interest at heart can turn out to hide a secret agenda. These devious people are everywhere around us – at work, at home, even in our romantic relationships. Unfortunately, some of these phonies are too good at making themselves seem decent, that we often fall into their deceitful traps. But there are certain things they do that reveal their true nature even before they succeed in manipulating us.

There are many detectable red flags you should look out for whenever it comes to protecting yourself from a toxic person’s negative influence.

Here are 10 of them:

1. Their actions trigger your intuition.

Trusting your intuition is key in every single relationship you have. It’s as significant as having the ability to see, hear, or speak. What’s more, it helps you recognize indecent people before you even know it. That little voice in your head that tells you not to trust someone is there for a reason.

2. They lie and tell stories that don’t add up.

Even the most experienced manipulators are not 100% focused all the time. Sometimes they become victims of their own consistent lying. They embellish the truth about various subjects and often miss important plot details, which makes their stories seem beyond bizarre.

3. They talk only about themselves.

Toxic people often show severe narcissistic traits. Constantly talking about themselves is one of the most evident warning signs their intentions may not be as sincere as you believe they are. No matter who you are or what you do, they always have something more than you they gladly brag about. This turns a healthy dialogue into an annoying monologue about their fake greatness.

4. They have a secret mission.

Oftentimes we get used by people who only want us to get to something or someone else. It could be someone who acts like they have an interest in you only to get your best friend’s number. It could be a co-worker who befriends you only because they think the boss likes you. No matter the reason, these people’s intentions are questionable from the very beginning.

5. They are obsessive.

When they are not talking about themselves, they are talking about people or objects they are obsessed with. Their minds get so preoccupied that their toxicity becomes nearly obvious. Just think about that colleague who constantly whines about a salary promotion or that cousin who can’t bear the fact your grandparents love you more. Everyday things like these can surely reveal someone’s true colors.

6. They have a history of playing with others’ feelings.

Not all people learn from their mistakes. That’s a harsh truth many of us refuse to accept. However, toxic manipulators are the worst when it comes to dealing with life lessons. Even after they hurt someone badly, they don’t seem to understand the severe consequences of their dishonest actions. If someone has a history of being manipulative with others, they might still be toxic, even if they claim they have changed.

7. Their body language is off.

Sometimes body language can tell you more than a thousand words. That’s why observing someone’s gestures and emotional reactions to certain things can definitely help you with detecting whether they have something hidden in mind. If you sense someone’s body language is off in particular situations, better be cautious around them.

8. They are overly secretive.

If not from hurtful life lessons, then from movies and books, we have learned that the truth always comes out. And who would be more protective of the truth than the one who doesn’t want it to be revealed? If a toxic person has something to hide, and usually they all do, they are going to be overly secretive about every bit of their personal lives. Simple things as putting their phones face-down when around others can tell that something is just not right.

9. They are always a bit on the edge.

Having dark secrets and trying to manipulate many people at once can surely affect one’s emotional reactions. Some toxic people use anxiety as both an excuse for their actions and a reason for others to pity them so they can use their kindness. However, other deceivers are not so witty and unwillingly expose themselves by constantly being on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

10. They are hypocritical.

In other words, toxic people say one thing and do exactly the opposite. For instance, they claim they believe in honesty and integrity, but they lie their way through a certain position in the professional hierarchy. This perfectly displays the massive gap between the fake persona they have created to deceive you and their true cruel intentions.

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