If standing up for myself means I am a bitch, then I am proud to be one

If being a bitch means standing up for myself and demanding to be treated the way I truly deserve, then yes, I am a bitch. A proud one!

And if today’s society labels me a ‘bitch’ for being vocal about my problems and fighting for my rights, then I am glad to be one.

Nowadays, you are being considered mean for cutting toxic people off of your life. They find you guilty of not tolerating someone’s poisonous influence over your life. They deem you heartless for defending your personal boundaries and not letting anyone cross them. So, it turns out that not making a fool out of yourself by putting up with indecent people makes you a bitch. Fine by me!

Yes, I am a bitch because I don’t let anyone play with my feelings. I am a bitch because I don’t fall for toxic people’s mind games. I am a bitch because I wouldn’t allow myself to settle for anything less than I deserve.

Being called names for defending your rights, prioritizing your own wellbeing, and not letting anyone disrespect you is beyond absurd. Yet, it’s the harsh reality we need to live in. But this shouldn’t dishearten you. It should motivate you.

If someone calls you a ‘bitch’ for refusing to play by their rules, then own that label. Be that bitch who stands up for herself.

Be the woman who doesn’t tolerate being disrespected. Don’t let them speak down to you, as if they were better than you. Show them they’re not. Show them you are perfectly aware of your own worth. Let them know they can call you whatever they want, but this isn’t going to break your spirits.

And if they mistake your silence for arrogance, let them. Let them judge you as much as they want. As long as you’re focused on your personal growth and you’re being true to yourself, their opinion shouldn’t bother you. If your attention is entirely concentrated on your own journey, being called a bitch shouldn’t harm you at all.

In fact, if they are already perceiving you as one, then they are aware that you are not a person who would follow someone else’s lead. They can see that you have set boundaries, and you have no problem confronting anyone who crosses them. They know that you are not afraid to be straightforward and to tell the truth as it is, even though it may hurt someone’s feelings. And that’s why they are probably scared of you.

What’s more, they even secretly admire your ambition, determination, and emotional intelligence. Because if they didn’t care, they wouldn’t bother calling you a bitch, and they wouldn’t waste their energy on trying to make you feel bad for being who you are.

So, instead of feeling down for being called names, own them. If disagreeing with being mistreated makes you a cold, arrogant, heartless bitch, then be one.

After all, the ones who truly care about you know who you are. They love your kindhearted, empathetic, giving nature. They admire your passion for life. These are the people you should listen to. The ones who cannot appreciate your honesty, loyalty, and maturity are just not worth it.

Let them talk. Let them call you a bitch. Show them their words mean nothing to you. Continue proudly wearing your heart on your sleeve. Focus on your own journey. And the next time someone calls you a ‘bitch’, simply smile and thank them for acknowledging you’re someone who tells it as it is and doesn’t allow being treated wrong.

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