If She’s The One, Don’t Let Her Go

Or what to do if you’ve met a nice girl and want to keep her for yourself.

Logic Ain’t No Good!

Speaking of the dynamics of men/women relationships, logic is the last thing you should rely on.

Believe it or not, but nice girls aren’t attracted to nice guys. They fall for the bad ones, instead!

How it Works?

Well, first and foremost, you shouldn’t go out of your way to make the girl you are interested in fall for you.

Stay cool and be yourself, instead. Man, it makes little sense promising you’ll spend the rest of your life with her at date number two, unless you want to see her running away in panic!

Nor should you be telling her all the time that she can count on you in sickness and in health and that kind of stuff. Prove it, instead.

Have you ever asked yourself why women feel excited around and genuinely attracted to men who show little affection for them?

Well, no matter what they say, women just love to feel challenged and uncertain, that’s why.

What Doesn’t Work

To begin with, it certainly does not make sense if you are making extra efforts to make your relationship work. In the same way, men tend to run away from girls who want to push their relationship in one direction or another by all means.

The second big mistake men easily make is let her take them for granted. And neither shall you take her for granted. If you all of a sudden get too clingy, you’ll deprive her of the pleasure of feeling challenged and excited around you.

Even if you want to be with her all the time, don’t show it. Give her her personal space. Better still, turn down some invitations of hers on the pretext you’ve got to do something important.

Of course, the above hints I’ve just shared with you should not be taken to extremes, because the difference between being cocky and funny and being rude is usually tiny.

Show Your Appreciation of Her In The Right Way

As I’ve alway said, there are small gestures that tell more of your feelings to someone than anything you can possibly tell her.

You can, for example, help her out of the car, open the door for her when you go somewhere together, or give her your jacket, if you notice she’s a bit cold on your way back from the cinema.

The most important thing to keep in mind when doing the above gestures is that you should look as natural as possible.

Let her think that chivalry and suaveness are your true nature, not a mask you put on just because she’s with you. Rather let her know that the gestures you are doing for her today, you can do for your cousin tomorrow, just as well.

Be There For Her

A woman seldom needs your gratitude or your expensive present to feel reassured of your feelings for her.

Instead, make sure you are by her side in times of trouble. If you can afford making her expensive presents, that’s even better. Just remember to do it on occasion, and always with style.

If you need a tip on that one, watch how James Bond (Daniel Craig) presents Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) with the dress she’s always wanted in Casino Royale (2006).

Time To Recap

For a healthy relationship with a girl you really like, do not trust common sense. The more you are chasing her, the more difficult it will get for you.

Remember that a relationship doesn’t work on a give-and-take basis, because the amount of love you think you are putting in can never be measured.

Hence, your expectations about the love and affection you get from your chosen one should be realistic.

On the same note, it makes little sense trying to buy her love with expensive gifts. Simply what you gonna get in exchange won’t be love.

Last but not least, make her feel challenged all the time she’s with you and sometimes even give her the pleasure of missing you.

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