What will Humanity Look Like in 1000 Years?

What will Humanity Look Like in 1000 Years?

Evolution is a constant process that affects all forms of life on the planet. Humans have been going through a lot of changes even as recently as 65 years ago. It wasn’t until 10,000 years ago that humans became lactose tolerant. Over the last 150 years, the average height of humans has increased by 10cm. Even as recently as 65 years ago the average human lifespan was 20 years less than it is today. Some of these changes are just evolutionary adaptations, but some of them are derived from one thing: science.
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Science and technology are shaping us as a species in ways that we barely comprehend. The idea of a smartphone would have sounded like science fiction 20 years ago, yet today they are as common as someone wearing shoes. These breakthroughs in technology have changed the way we live and interact not only with each other but with our surroundings as well.

And just like evolution, technology never stops moving forward. There are things like nanobots and other extremely advanced machines in development as we speak that are going to change the future of our species. So what does the future hold? Some scientists think that the next big step for humans is going to be an introduction of machines to the human body that can do everything from fixing wounds to curing cancer. Our current computer technology is evolving all the time as well.
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In this video from AsapSCIENCE, the notion of technology shaping humanity is explored based on current technology and it’s future potential. It is an interesting insight into how we will evolve as a species over the next 1,000 years. Then again some people don’t think that humans are going to last another 50 years at the current rate we are going, but maybe technology has a solution for that as well?

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